Monday, December 15, 2014

A Night With the Scrooges Was Entertaining!

 A Night At The Scrooges took place at the Saxon Club in Austintown.  It was fun, intriguing and had lots of prizes.  Included was a 32 inch TV.  Over 100 people attended.
 Mr. and Mrs. Claus was there to get their pictures with those who attended.  They also sang a duet together.  It was enjoyed by all.

The next Murder Mystery Dinner will be on January 10.  More information will be coming out soon about it.  We look forward to seeing you there. Join us for good food, great fun, and a grand adventure!

Had a Grand Time At The East Liverpool Christmas Parade

 This was G12P's 4th Christmas Parade in East Liverpool, but the first one with my new crew.  It was perfect.  I am constantly amazed at how easily my wonderful crew just pulls things together.
 It was cold!  I was frozen by the end of the parade, but it was so much fun.  The announcer was very kind to us as well!  After he read our card information, he said "Merry Christmas you bunch of Ghost Hunters!"  LOVED IT!!
 This is the first year we were able to have lights and I was very pleased with the results!  We look to do several more parades in the future.  You will see us all over the place next year!
We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and an amazing New Year filled with adventure!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Spend An Evening With The Scrooges

Get your Christmas Spirit up and going by attending the next Dark Shadow Ghost Tour event!  A Night With The Scrooges is a mystery dinner with chances to win prizes and have a lot of fun!
For more information, or to buy tickets:

Sunday, November 30, 2014

 On November 24 we went to a book signing in Rogers, Ohio.  It was for an author name Judy Lennington, pictured on the left in yellow.  She wrote a bood called Mudsock, which is about Rogers, Ohio.  She wrote several other books and had those at the book signing, too.
 Many of her books are fiction, but they are based in the area.
Thank you so much to Rogers, its council members, and the Mayor, Sandra Chambers, for hosting the event at the Rogers Community Center.
Judy has a new book coming out at Christmas which is a murder mystery and it takes place in Negley, Ohio.  I will post information tomorrow where you can get your own copy of this book or any of her other books as well.
The whole reason for the book signing was in support of the local history.  You have to know the history to find the ghosts.  What better way than to read a book!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Victorian Wake Was An Awesome Event!!

Dark Shadow Ghost Tours held an event on November 16 called "The Victorian Wake of Sylvester Conley".  It was a huge success!  Ghosting 12 Paranormal was there to help out and pay our respects to poor Sylvester, who turned out to be a true dummy!
 Shawn and Marianne Donley really outdid themselves with Sylvester.  He looked amazing!

Amanda with  "Sylvester"

Dinner was prepared by Lee and Mike! They served salad, rolls, a choice of tomato basil or autumn squash soups, ham with parsley potatoes, and roasted veggies ( carrots, Brussels sprouts, parsnips, and zucchini).  For dessert they had Neapoitian cake with butter cream icing!

 My guys went above and beyond for this event and their costumes were awesome!  This is Mike and Lee!   It was traditional for those who attended a wake to dress in black.  While the men often were done with this color when the funeral ended, women often were stuck with it for at least a year, depending on their relationship to the deceased.

 Here is Amanda again, with Sylvester.  She actually portrayed his mistress.
 Laura was Sylvester's witchy sister!

And finally Shawn and Marianne Donley.  They are amazing at what they do, which is bringing one awesome adventure after another to life for you to enjoy!
G12P loved doing this event and look forward to many more with our friends, Dark Shadow Ghost Tours!  

All of this said, what's next for Dark Shadow Ghost Tours?
Ghosting 12 Paranormal will be here. How about you?