Thursday, May 14, 2015

Louise Davis-36 Years and Still Missing

I feel a connection with this girl, for reasons I can not explain.  She was close to my age.  IN 1979 she was 17.  She lived in East Liverpool, and I suspect she was quite an adventurer.  She did not deserve  what life handed her.
On June 21, 1979, she got into the car of a man named Robert Wooten.  She thouht she was gong to see here friend returned from Texas.  No one knows for sure what happen to her as she disappeared down the road.  She drove off into history, never being seen again.   The question all these years?  What happened to her?  There are several stories, but nothing is certain.  
I spent a few years working with the Columbiana County Family Of Homicide Victims and that is where I first learned her story.  That was in 2008. She haunts me to this day.  She is out there somewhere.  Long hidden.  Waiting for someone to bring her home once and for all.  
I will never stop looking for her.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Our first scavenger hunt of the year will be at the Tri County Pottery Festival in East Liverpool.  We will be set up with a booth and selling tickets for our Sept 5 First Annual G12P Paranormal Scavenger Hunt For A Forever Home.  That event will be centered in Lisbon, Ohio.  More information will be coming about this event.
A smaller scavenger hunt will be held during the East Liverpool Tri County Pottery Festival.  Bring your four person team and  sign up at our booth.  It is $20 per team.  ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO THE WELLSVILLE DOG POUND AND THE COLUMBIANA COUNTY DOG POUND..  We will also accept donations of items they need, such as blankets, towels, toys, leashes, etc.  
The hunt will be a challenge and a lot of fun!  Please join us!

Monday, May 11, 2015


 Our night at the Bell Nursing Home was a huge success, and an outstanding paranormal adventure.  There were many personal experiences, and some of these were shared by several people at once. We have loads of evidence to go over and will share anything interesting that we get.  We have already found some interesting pics.  
In this pic, Brian is sitting on a bed where a resident of this old nursing home seemed to be communicating with us.  We had a great flashlight session in this room, as well as hearing noises coming from behind Brian.  His hands are up to show that he was not the one making the noises.
This room was where we set up all our equipment and would come back to rest and get new batteries, etc.  
 This was the most privacy you got in the rooms.  Most rooms had four beds in them.  One of the sad, even scary stories we heard included the tale of how any residents that "escaped" and wandered the town were brought back and tied in their wheel chairs or beds....and left there, sometimes for days.  The local EMT's were called on several occasions to try to resuscitate the poor souls left tied too long.
During the flashlight sessions, we were able to determine that the residents were beaten and many were scared.
Down this hallway we heard loud footsteps and also loud thumps and bangs.  
 We had a great group for the evening and it was a lot of fun.  

 We were delighted to hear how the owners found a secret room in the basement that used to be an embalming room.  We did not have access to it, but she showed us where it was.
 Here you see Brian using the new FLIR.  Not sure yet what we got with it, but it was awesome getting to use it.
Others stories for the night included lights turning off and on by themselves and seeing shadow persons cross the hall back and forth between rooms.  The lights turning on and off happened four times and the camera system that the Bell has installed caught it four different times.
We loved our adventure here and look forward to going back again.  We highly recommend it!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Old Ketchum Road Bridge

 Just outside of West Point on an old forgotten road you will find an old forgotten bridge.  Rusting away, it has not been driven on for decades.  Someone did put a pedestrian walkway on it however, so you can cross the bridge and get a really good look at her.  She is an interesting piece of work.
If you know me, you know I love all things old and dusty with a story to tell.  I know this one has something.  The question is, what?
Not much is out there about her.
 Thanks to a friend on Facebook who posted this on my page, this is what is on the web:

Thank you to David Dunlap, Amy De Lauder, Rob Morrow, and Ray E. Hall for all their help!!
This bridge has an eerie feel to it.  Long abandoned, bridges are often haunted and I am interested in checking this one out.  For today, we just crawled all over it and took a million pics for our records.  Looked for anything with writing on it to point us in the direction of more information about it.
You would never know there was a road here were it not for the bridge.  

 And of course we are wondering what caused the dent. Tree maybe?  Or that the bridge looks like it is collapsing into the water?  It just has that awesome ghostly look that begs to be investigated.  But more than that, it needs to be remembered.
Some of my favorite people standing on the bridge.  They are outstanding.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Peek Inside The Abandoned Montour Railroad Tunnel At Grimms Bridge in Columbiana County

 On April 17 some of the members of my very awesome crew and I decided to venture into the old abandoned Railroad Tunnel at Grimms Bridge.  It was an exciting adventure.
Joining me was Amanda and Jeremy Vantilburg and Dennis Martin Jr.

 Wearing chest waders, we walked into the tunnel, the plan being to go back as far as we could.  I was very surprised as to how far we got back into the tunnel.  You can see as you stand at the mouth that it curves to the left.  That curve is very deceiving.  It just does not give any credit to how large this tunnel really is.  
Jeremy and I ventured in first, with Jeremy leading the way.  He has a military background and just plowed forward!
At first it was difficult because there is a lot of garbage in the opening of the tunnel.  Cans.  Bottles.  Deflated rafts.  Tires.  Sticks and logs.  It is hard to walk through that, but after about twenty five feet, it clears up.
 Amanda and Dennis went in next.  They joked about snakes being in the water.  I didn't tell them something bumped into my leg when the water was up at my waist.  I couldn't see what it was, though Jeremy said it was probably a log.  I can only wonder since the water was too dirty to see for sure.
 The farther back we got the less light there was.  And the spookier it got!  We could hear drips and splashes in the distance but in the tunnel they sound like they are right there in front of you.  There is a fantastic echo at the mouth of the tunnel and also inside around you.
We chose to stay between the metal railings which are still inside the tunnel.
 At this point, the water is at your waist and you need a flashlight to see.  There is some garbage floating in the water and the dripping sounds are very loud.  If you are claustrophobic, this is about where it might start to kick in.  It is also very cold here.
 Jeremy lead the way and pointed out things under his feet to warn me about.  there is a large metal beam in the middle of the tracks we had to walk around, and also something like a pot hole as well.
 About every twenty five feet there is an indent n the side of the tunnel, and I believe this is what you would stand in if you were caught in the tunnel when  a train was going through.  They are on opposite sides of the tunnel every other one.
The camera I had just couldn't do this awesome view justice.  It just keeps going and going.  It is stunning to see!  And eerie as well.   It was at about this point that the ground below our feet changed from a solid form to a squishy, slippery form and this is where we stopped.
It was exhilarating to be in there seeing what was inside.  I can't  imagine what it was like when it was a working tunnel, but it would have been nice to see it.  It seems like such a waste, since so much of it is still in such good shape.  It is not what I thought it would be.  I was just so much more!
Finally, I had heard a few stories about an abandoned Railroad car being parked inside the tunnel.  I didn't see one anywhere.  Others I have talked to who have been inside with a boat say that the other end actually has a sort of beach that you can get out on and look around.  That is our next goal.  To make it to that beach.  Let you know when we do!