Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Ghost of Emily....In the doll with no eyes?

 We have studied the possibility of items being haunted or having attachments in the past.  When we had the Louise Townsend Farr house in 2014, we had the Lisbon Baby doll and other things inside that were reported to be haunted.
This doll with no eyes has been in our possession for at least 5 years now.  I bought her at a yard sale for fifty cents because she had no eyes and was very creepy looking. We displayed her at many events.
 Later, we put her in the attic, where we felt a spirit named Emily resided at the Louise Townsend Farr House. The attic room that seemed to stay in was the most haunted room in the house and many people had experiences there.  When we found out we were going to have to leave this beautiful old house, we decided to try to help the spirits in the house to move on.
 We also decided to ask some of the spirits if they wanted to go with us. We put two Teddy Bears in the room and invited Emily and Michael to attach to them so we would take them to our next building.  Interestingly, we had some people quit the crew and the bears went with them.  So what happened to Emily?  Did she attach to one of those bears?  Or did she attach to something else?
WE think she might have chosen the eye less baby doll to attach to rather than either of the bears.   I think she knew we would not end up with the bears, so she chose something else.
What makes us think this?  We all just started calling the doll Emily. It is, of course, only theory, but it is one I happen to like.
Here are some articles about the Louise Townsend Farr House:

Monday, November 16, 2015

November 14 At The Haunted East End Jr. High

Our first night at the East End Jr. High was great!  Lots of people and lots of personal experiences.   Lots of psychics as well!
Lantern Paranormal joined us with their Paranormal Radio Show, The Skeptic's Sanctum. We loved having them and greatly look forward to their next visit.
They brought a Boo Buddy Bear, pictured on the left.   It was decided to place it beside one of our haunted dolls, Emily. They said they will let us know if they got anything.    
 Most of our crew was interviewed.  That was fun!  You see Cindy being interviewed on the left by Raven and Phoenix.

 We were visited by 8 ghost hunters seeking a new adventure.  Here you see three ladies from Stuebenville checking out the gym.  They were having interesting readings with their K-2's.

 Got to have an up close and person look at an Ovilus!   I WANT ONE!!  
This old school building is already starting to feel like home!  Our next adventure will be November 21 with another public investigation.$20 per person, with Pizza Hut Pizza at midnight.  We also have fresh coffee all night to help keep you alert!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

What We Have On The East End Jr High So Far

We are excited to have our first event at the Old East End Jr. High on November 14.   We have been working to identify the hot spots in the school and find some history on the building.  Still working on the history, but the hot spots are showing themselves very nicely.
The first place that really stood out is the old Shop room.  It even has a dark shadowy form that has made itself known.  Several of my crew have seen it and it tends to follow you up the long hallway.  Who it is, we are not sure yet.

 The Boiler room has a presence that may be a woman.  There is, Strangely, a full length mirror in the boiler room that is something a woman might use rather than a man.
At least one of the Locker Rooms  is also hot. We have had two excellent Flashlight sessions in it. Again, a strange mirror is inside.

The stage in the gym also has something going on with it.  More work needs to be done here to determine better what is going on.
There is also a room of the gym that we got an excellent EVP in, calling Amanda's name.
 While there is much more work to be done, we have seen enough to know we have several spirits we are dealing with.
There is a lot to explore and great adventure to be had spending the night here.   Are you brave enough?
For more information, text to 330-303-6374.


Ghosting 12 Paranormal Investigations and Historical Research has been out there for 7 years now. Starting in July of 2008, it has seen people come and go. We have had some awesome investigators , sometimes for only brief moments.
Yes, I am the only one who has been a part of G12P for all 7 years, but I started it so that just makes sense I guess.
There has been as many as 35 people on the crew at one time.
This is us in 2010.  We were still just getting started back then. Everything is different now.   It is a good different however.   We are not nearly so large today.
 Staying together as a group  has been very difficult.   I think the only reason it is still here today is because I am too stubborn to give up.
   We have investigated many buildings over the years.  

 We have done multiple festivals and events.

There are not a lot of outdoor locations we have not explored.
 We've done parades, conferences, and fundraisers.
Giving lectures, tours, and psychic readings are all part of our resume.
 Cemeteries with ghostly histories we have traveled.
 Haunting Thompson Park...
As well as Beaver Creek State Park ...
 WE have been to movies together...

 And spooky Halloween adventures.
 We have traveled to places like Hill View Manor and Sedamsville Rectory.
 We have attended book signing and worked to preserve the paranormal history of the tri state area.
We have new people now.  Amanda and Jeremy Vantilburg.   Brian Dickson.  Cindy Burckette Willoughby.  
 Still doing the history and costumes, but on a smaller scale.

We are Ghosting 12 Paranormal Investigations and Historical Research.   We are looking for a few more crew members, so if you are interested message me at We will be doing interviews in the evenings and weekends.  If all of this sounds like adventures you are interested in, let us know!

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Rogers Fall Festival Was a Great Fall Adventure

 October 10 was a year in the making.  G12P approached the Rogers Village Council in October of 2014 with the idea of having a ghost walk in town, and suggested they could turn it into what ever they wanted.  They wanted a festival and they got one!

Donations came from all over for the Chinese Auction, the hay ride and other events.

 Judy Lennington and Linda Weiner, two local authors were there to talk about their books and meet and greet!
Signal and Morrisville: A Genealogical and Historical Study by L Weiner 


Cindy Burkette Willoughby was also there giving readings. As always you can reach here at
Readings by Cindy.
 There were hayrides/ghost tours of town and it was said Rogers hadn't been that busy and full of people in 25 years!  

 It was a wonderful day, not bad for the first time!  It will be done again next year. Until then, we begin with meetings in January making plans for the next one!
The history and ghostly tales of Rogers Centered around a curse placed on Rogers many ago.   We visited the homestead of Theophilus Gates Rogers, the founder of Rogers, the grave, The Y Inn, and several other stops.
Next year will be even better!