Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New Legends About Columbiana County Coming Soon

I had the chance to work on a little Floyd History a couple months ago.  I heard several stories just about his little known exploits around this area while encountering local people on his doomed journey to Sprucevale Road.    Every story carries with it a certain integrity about the once Public Enemy #1.
I heard a very old story about lost treasure along route 7 and a story about a woman who fed the local Indians who were starving, also along route 7.  A lost gas station  hidden in a garage, and Route 7 had a lot more twists and turns than it does today.
There are several others and I am excited to bring them to you.  Even a story of lost treasure in East Palestine caught my eye in an old newspaper.  Stay tuned!

Monday, May 30, 2016


This is found at the Carnegie Library.  We will show you
Ghosting 12 Paranormal will be set up at the Pottery Festival June 9-11.  We are offering Ghost Walks around Town Friday And Saturday night.  We will have three or tour different walks so you can take your pic or do them all!  We will also be doing private tours during the day for groups if you come up and ask.  Minimum size of your group should be at least 5.
Find our booth during the festival for more details!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Leetonia Bigfoot Festival-June 17-18

I know you have seen them.  The large Bigfoot Cut out surrounding Leetonia, Ohio.  In less than a month the next festival will take place and it is worth your time to come and visit!
The event includes food, games, face painting, music,a 5k race, BIGFOOT HOWLING COINTEST, country line dancing, AND A GHOST WALK GIVEN BY YOURS TRULY!
The fun begins June 17 at 3pm and goes until 10 pm.  Saturday June 18 starts at 12 noon and goes again until 10 pm.
For more information, please see their facebook page:

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


This is the Cloud Room, where, once upon a time coffins wre
on display.  
On April 30 an old friend and I got the chance to go to The House of Wills in Cleveland, Ohio. It was such an adventure!
We were invited by Lantern Paranormal who also have a paranormal radio show called the Skeptics Sanctum.
Becky, Tom, Phoenix, and Raven operate the show as well as do their own paranormal investigations.
There were several groups that attendted April 30.
We found a booklet about the House of Wills Funeral Home
inside and this was one of the pics.  What the Cloud Room once
looked like.

This is Lisa Sullivan, whowent with me to check out this
historic, creep building.

What the main chapel once looked like.

What the main chapel looks like today.  
The whole evening was exciting and I was happy to be a part of it.
There were several hot spots inside, though perhaps the hottest spot was the Cloud room.  Once used to showcase the coffins used by The House of Wills Funeral Home, it now seems ominous in so many ways.  

The decay inside is sad in comparison to what it used to be.   The cool thing was there is so much left from when it was a funeral home.  Even a plastic box used for the ashes of someone, their name still on the box.
There was empty containers of things used by a mortician, like formaldehyde.

I hope to someday return to the very haunted halls of this historic building for another chance to hunt the ghosts inside.

 An old carpet on the floor in the main chapel.

 This is a box used to hold human remains.

The embalming room.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Looking for Another Ghost Town--Martinsburg Along Beaver Creek

 A few years ago, a former crew member gave me a copy of the map that was drawn by R. Max Gard and William Vodrey in 1950.  This Map came with a book both Gentlemen wrote, mapping out the Sandy and Beaver Canal, as was left in 1950.  

 One of the things that intrigued me found on the map is the location of a town called Martinsburg.  Martinsburg as a little village, similar to Sprucevale. Like Sprucevale, it vanished when the canal ended.
We are determined to find the remains of this little village.
We began our adventure at the Grist Mill at Sprucevale.
With me was Amanda and Jeremy Vantilburg and Nicholas Vantilburg.   Also my grandsons, Joshua and Tyme.
 You travel along the creek, keeping to the path, which is sometimes hard because it can be wet and swampy.
We saw a Bald Eagle.  It was gone too fast to get a pic, but it was fantastic to see.  We also came across a deer and that was a thrill, too!
The first thing we came acros was Lock 44.  I have not been over there to explore it yet, but it is in my future.
Somewhere around here, according to the map, is Lock 45 so a trip here will be a two for one deal!
 We encountered some people on horseback and was told that once we found the bridge, Martinsville was right beside it.  You can imagine how excited we were to find it!
Unfortunately, there was no sign of a little village.  I have seen pics from someone claiming they were foundations from Martinsburg.  They are out there somewhere~
WE did not find Marinsburg.  We did find Lock 46.  Again we are on the wrong side of the creek to explore it, but we did see it.

So where is Martinsburg?  If you know, please tell me how to get there!  My goal is to see all the remaining locks along Beaver Creek an any mill, ghost town, or anything else associated with it!