Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rogers, Ohio Will Be Having A Festival October 10!!

 Rogers, Ohio is having a Fall Festival October 10!  There will be lots of history to learn about.  Old pics of the area will be on display in the City Council Building, which is also a historic church over 100 years old.  Proceeds from the festival will go toward restoring the slate roof on this church.  The ghost walk will cover stories like the curse placed on Rogers in an argument between of the most prominent men in town.  It is a curse that many think is still affecting Rogers to this day.
 Besides ghost stories there are plenty of tales from the history of Rogers that will keep you entertained as well.
For example, the old hotel and general store was also once a speak easy.  You will never guess what went on during the weekends in the 1930's!  The building was also used for funerals...
 At the heart of Rogers is even a grave!!  See where it is on the tour!
There will be vendors, games, pumpkin carving contest, psychic readings and much more!
If you are interested in a vendors site, the cost is only $10!  For more information please contact any member of the Rogers City Council or any member of G12P!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Salem Ghost Trolley Tours Start Next Month!

Here are some hints about what you will see on the Salem Ghost Trolley Tours 
starting later this summer!  

Saturday, June 27, 2015

LIttle Blue Run Lake

 This is a dam. It is 400 feet tall and 2,200 feet wide.  It is an earthen dam made of dirt and rock. You can find it just past the East End of East Liverpool.  It is impressive to behold.  What is behind it may be deadly.
Behind it was Little Blue Run Lake.  It was a man made lake built in 1975.  When I was little I remember my parents telling me it was once a town called Little Blue and the rubble was all that remained of it.  Later, in  2003, my dad took us on a ride to show us this beautiful blue lake.  What was unusual was that all the trees in it and around it were dead.
It was the largest coal ash impound in the United States.   What is a Coal Ash Impound?  Coal ash is the residual combustion in power plants that are captured by pollution control technology, such as scrubbers.  It consists of fly ash, bottom ash, boiler slag, flue gas desulfurization gypsum, and other byproducts and contains low concentrations of arsenic, selenium, lead, and mercury. After collection at a power plant, coal ash is often impounded in a surface storage pond or in a landfill.   What are scrubbers?  Scrubbers are an apparatus that cleans the gases passing through the smokestack of a coal-burning power plant. Due to Clean Air Act regulations, most scrubbers in U.S. coal plants are used to remove sulfur emissions from coal and lessen the formation of acid rain.  There was (and perhaps still is) 20 billion gallons of coal ash and smokestack scrubber waste in the lake.

Little Blue Run Dam.jpg
This is an  image from NASA of the area and the lake.  It was
huge.  It is also gone now.  Mostly.
I am going to go out there and get some pics of the area.  From what I understand, the lake is gone now.  There was a threat that the dam might break, which would have affected over 50,000 people in the area.  Maybe that is why it is gone.  Two lawsuits were filed against First Energy, the owner/maker of the lake, and they have promised to monitor the sight and clean it up.  Time will tell.


Monday, June 22, 2015

The Pottery Festival Was A Great Time

We had a good time at the 2015 East Liverpool Pottery Festival.
New this year with us was Cindy Burkett Willoughby, our crew psychic. She did readings for people and did two group readings during the event.  As always, she was impressive.   An illness with a family member too her away early, but we loved having her Thursday and Friday/
It was also Brian Dickson's first festival.  He did an awesome job.  Brian was only with us Thursday and Friday as well because he had to work Saturday.
What would the Pottery Festival be without a storm?  Of course we had on which nearly blew our canopy  away.  We all ended up soaked, but had a great adventure holding down the fort!
Our scavenger hunt turned out great, despite the small turnout for the festival and the rain.  The winners were the Spirit Spectors!  They scored over 5600 points.  First Prize was four tickets to the Hilltop Drive In and dinner at KFC.  Congrats Spirit Spectors!

Junior members, Haylee and Peanut were busy walking around letting people know our plans .
We also had an opportunity to investigate some areas around the festival that turned out to be quite haunted.  Having
Cindy with us proved to be of great help.  As she stood in front of the former Central School, she felt the presence of many souls, perhaps even a vortex.  I was intrigued!   We also investigated the former site of Smith Auto Parts Store.  We had some good results there, too.    We will be going back in the future to do some more work there.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Register Early For The Pottery Festival Scavenger Hunt AND GET BONUS POINTS

You can now register for the Paranormal Scavenger Hunt at the Pottery Festival on June 11-13.  The actual hunt itself will be held on Saturday, June 13. Send us your team name and a contact information.  This will get you a bonus of 25 points for signing up early.  You can pay the entry fee of $20  at our booth during the festival.  Besides the actual hunt itself, you can also earn extra points for things like having the coolest name for a team, and some other surprises as well!  
It is easy enough to see our characters at Gretchen's Lock, but could you find them in a crowd?  We will have ten costumed characters out and about for you to find along with several other  things to look for and you will only have two hours to find as many as you can.  
Prizes will be announced next week!

If you want to register, email us at ghosting12@yahoo,com, contact any G12P crew member, or message us on our facebook page: