Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Now you can see why I say it's my father.

To my right is my father. He was a wonderful man. Kind. Caring. Giving. Strong. Wise. Missed.
He died on August 19, 2006. This picture of him was taken in July of 2006.
The picture to my left was taken in July of 2007. My fathers face is in the upper right corner, complete with glasses on, and a bald head. If you click on the picture, you can see it better.
I believe my father let us know he was with us because my mom was in trouble . It would be exactly what he would do had he been here. It was so very comforting to me and it is a picture I cherish. I truly feel that even though your loved ones die, they do not leave you. They stay and support you and help you any way they can. I have felt my fathers presence even since last year. When my first grand daughter, which would have been his great grand daughter, first came to visit, I felt this love, this complete, deep love, like I had not felt in my life, for her. It was not just mine. It was my dad letting me know he loved her too.
There are many beliefs out there. Religion. Science. I prefer to believe the proof I see and experience. Something is out there. Some one. And I don't fear them. Sometimes I know them.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

You have to really LOOK at the pictures you take.

I have taken literally thousands of pictures while ghost hunting. In fact, you could take a thousand before you ever capture one paranormal incident. And then, when you do catch one, do you catch what you caught?

The pictures with this story all have some little thing in them that, unless you really looked at them, you would not pay any attention to. In the picture of the Williams house, if you look at the upper left window, you will see what looks like someone looking out at us. Just click on the picture and it will enlarge it. We were leaving when I took that picture. The one above it is at the house in East Liverpool we investigated just last weekend. In the left doorway you will see a green glow. I do not know what that is. There was no electricity in the house. We were also leaving when I took this one. The third picture is of Emily standing on the porch of the old house. Several times when we took pictures specifically at the old house, the photo would look like a double exposure. As I studied this pic, I noticed what looks like a woman standing against the house across from Emily. I initially just glanced at this picture and almost erased it. I wonder now what else I might have destroyed not knowing what might well have been staring right at me.
What got me started on this was a picture I saw from the Amityville Horror House. In fact I went and got the picture I am referring to from a website whose address is www.ghoststudy.com . I have tried twice now to put them in this story, and it won't let me. My computer freezes up. Paranormal? I don't know. But I just tried a third time and it didn't work. Interesting.
My point is look at the pictures you take while ghost hunting carefully. Ghosts often communicate in the most subtle of ways. Even in pictures you could miss it if you are not on your toes.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Are All Cemeteries Haunted?

Hope Cemetery and the grave of Goldie
Bell Taylor

Jackman Cemetery outside of Calcutta.
Cemeteries. There are a lot of them. You associate them with death, of course. They are creepy places that many people avoid, especially at night. Unless you are a ghost hunter. Then, the cemetery becomes a place of mystery and adventure and the best time to visit one is at night. Above you will find several of the cemeteries I have been to. Some have residents that talk. Some do not. The above photos are from Jackman Cemetery, Bethlehem Cemetery near Shippingport, PA,
Spring Grove Cemetery in Glenmore, Longs Run Church Cemetery in Calcutta, Hope Cemetery in Salem, Lisbon Cemetery, and finally, the grave marker for George F. Thompson. Mr. Thompson's grave is in a field beside my house, near Calcutta, where a cemetery used to be. We know it was there in 1941, because that is when Mr. Thompson died. We do not know much more about it than that. It is one of the mysteries that got me started ghost hunting.
Hope Cemetery in Salem is hugely haunted. The statue of the little girl with the pink flowers can be found there. They occasionally have tours of Hope Cemetery. We spent some time there looking for my moms parents graves. They died when she was only three and their graves have no markers. In our search for those graves, we did several EVP sessions. We heard things like "You passed it!" which in fact we did. The grave marker of the little girl is for a child named Goldie Bell. There is another picture of it along the side that tells the legend of this statue. And, Hope Cemetery does not have a church on the grounds.
Bethlehem Cemetery is in Shippingport PA. Every time I go there I think of Zombies since it is right in the middle of the Nuclear Power Plant. Strangely, we got no EVP's at all there. It was perfectly quiet. What makes it eerie is it's location.
Jackman Cemetery is small and old. If you are not careful, you will miss it as you are traveling toward Fredericktown on rt. 170. The photo of the grave markers in the snow is from Jackmans. No church on the grounds, plenty of EVP, and an unwelcome feeling.
The photo with the Morris Gravestone is in Spring Grove Cemetery. Yes it is haunted. I went there two different times looking for the graves of murder victims from the county. In trying to find the gravesite of Debbie Taylor and her two children who were murdered in 1979 by Robert Wooten, I asked the spirits in the area if they were nearby. One EVP I got was "Leave Taylor alone!" as I sat beside her grave and asked her questions about Louise Davis. Debbie also said "My Billie." several times. Billie was her four year old daughter that was murdered along with her six year old son, Jesse. Louise Davis is a missing person in our county since 1979, four days before Debbie was murdered. And the last person seen with Louise was Robert Wooten. Geez, now I am getting into the other thing I like to do. CCFHV. Sorry.
The next cemetery to talk about is Longs Run Church. Look for the picture with the big orb in it during the day. This cemetery has a big Church right on the grounds. No EVP there, but one night at we made our way through the stones, Kylie and I both heard foot steps. I thought at first it was an animal running from us or something, but there was nothing there.
The Lisbon Cemetery, photo at the top with the older stones in it, is the most picturesque. It has mausoleums. It has a beautiful bridge to cross. Many of the stones tell something about the lives of the person buried there. I have only been there twice, so more work needs to be done there to better determine if it is haunted. Oh, and no church on the grounds.
Many times, if a cemetery has a church on it, it does not have much paranormal activity. I do not know why that is. For the most part, in fact, cemeteries do not have much to offer in the way of being haunted. Often when a person dies, their spirit seems to go to one of three places. Either they stay with their body, they stay with their loved ones, or they go to the place where they were the happiest in life. In the case of murder or sudden violent death, you can also find the spirit of the person in the location that it happened, though not always.
Cemeteries are great places to begin your ghost hunting adventures. They are truelly a part of history. They demand respect and honor. And very worth your time to explore.
I hope to have a look at a new one I just found yesterday while taking my son to work. Old and beautiful to be sure. With a church on the grounds. Wish me luck.

Monday, November 3, 2008

How important is debunking?

Not one of these pics is anything paranormal. Every one of them has an explanation. The bottom left picture is our lingering breath on a cold night at Gretchen's Lock. Top left is my cousin, Billie Jo, looking at her digital camera. The light from her camera caused a double image of her face when I took her picture. The bottom right is a foggy night down at Gretchen's Lock. The top right is my husband. He saw me taking a picture and jumped in front of the camera. When you are ghost hunting, debunking is just as important as discovering something is out there. You want what you encounter to be real. All ghost hunters do. Just make sure it is. Look for answers. See if you can duplicate what you have captured. When you are listening to an EVP, make sure it isn't someone with a noisy coat on, or someone sniffling because it is cold. While I am a huge supporter of Orbs, I also have a list of criteria that an orb picture must meet to even consider is an orb. Orbs en mass usually mean fog or dust for example. I discovered your breath can linger for several minutes when it is cold, especially when it is cold and moist, like down at Gretchen's Lock. The first time I saw my own breath I had no idea what I was looking at. The first thing I thought was ectoplasm! Neither my husband nor I smoke, so we knew that wasn't it. By experimenting, we were able to duplicate pictures and learned it was our breath.
Over the weekend, we went to Beaver Creek State Park and had one of the coolest adventures. The next day we went back there and looked for possible explanations to what we experienced. There were not life size manicans in the Williams house to explain the dark, person shaped shadow we saw inside the window, for example. We checked out the area where we heard the voices, only to discover the side of the hill goes straight up. Definetly not something that you would want to scale at night. There is a path that leads up to it however, so the jury is still out on that one. It was fun to go back and look for answers. It can be disappointing to debunk something you thought was paranormal, but there are times when you catch something that defies explanation, which makes your experience that much sweeter.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


I never thought my life would end up where it is today. Thanks to my husband, I am getting a small amount of time to chase after my dreams. If it is a one time thing, I hope I do it right.