Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Now you can see why I say it's my father.

To my right is my father. He was a wonderful man. Kind. Caring. Giving. Strong. Wise. Missed.
He died on August 19, 2006. This picture of him was taken in July of 2006.
The picture to my left was taken in July of 2007. My fathers face is in the upper right corner, complete with glasses on, and a bald head. If you click on the picture, you can see it better.
I believe my father let us know he was with us because my mom was in trouble . It would be exactly what he would do had he been here. It was so very comforting to me and it is a picture I cherish. I truly feel that even though your loved ones die, they do not leave you. They stay and support you and help you any way they can. I have felt my fathers presence even since last year. When my first grand daughter, which would have been his great grand daughter, first came to visit, I felt this love, this complete, deep love, like I had not felt in my life, for her. It was not just mine. It was my dad letting me know he loved her too.
There are many beliefs out there. Religion. Science. I prefer to believe the proof I see and experience. Something is out there. Some one. And I don't fear them. Sometimes I know them.