Monday, November 3, 2008

How important is debunking?

Not one of these pics is anything paranormal. Every one of them has an explanation. The bottom left picture is our lingering breath on a cold night at Gretchen's Lock. Top left is my cousin, Billie Jo, looking at her digital camera. The light from her camera caused a double image of her face when I took her picture. The bottom right is a foggy night down at Gretchen's Lock. The top right is my husband. He saw me taking a picture and jumped in front of the camera. When you are ghost hunting, debunking is just as important as discovering something is out there. You want what you encounter to be real. All ghost hunters do. Just make sure it is. Look for answers. See if you can duplicate what you have captured. When you are listening to an EVP, make sure it isn't someone with a noisy coat on, or someone sniffling because it is cold. While I am a huge supporter of Orbs, I also have a list of criteria that an orb picture must meet to even consider is an orb. Orbs en mass usually mean fog or dust for example. I discovered your breath can linger for several minutes when it is cold, especially when it is cold and moist, like down at Gretchen's Lock. The first time I saw my own breath I had no idea what I was looking at. The first thing I thought was ectoplasm! Neither my husband nor I smoke, so we knew that wasn't it. By experimenting, we were able to duplicate pictures and learned it was our breath.
Over the weekend, we went to Beaver Creek State Park and had one of the coolest adventures. The next day we went back there and looked for possible explanations to what we experienced. There were not life size manicans in the Williams house to explain the dark, person shaped shadow we saw inside the window, for example. We checked out the area where we heard the voices, only to discover the side of the hill goes straight up. Definetly not something that you would want to scale at night. There is a path that leads up to it however, so the jury is still out on that one. It was fun to go back and look for answers. It can be disappointing to debunk something you thought was paranormal, but there are times when you catch something that defies explanation, which makes your experience that much sweeter.