Saturday, November 22, 2008

You have to really LOOK at the pictures you take.

I have taken literally thousands of pictures while ghost hunting. In fact, you could take a thousand before you ever capture one paranormal incident. And then, when you do catch one, do you catch what you caught?

The pictures with this story all have some little thing in them that, unless you really looked at them, you would not pay any attention to. In the picture of the Williams house, if you look at the upper left window, you will see what looks like someone looking out at us. Just click on the picture and it will enlarge it. We were leaving when I took that picture. The one above it is at the house in East Liverpool we investigated just last weekend. In the left doorway you will see a green glow. I do not know what that is. There was no electricity in the house. We were also leaving when I took this one. The third picture is of Emily standing on the porch of the old house. Several times when we took pictures specifically at the old house, the photo would look like a double exposure. As I studied this pic, I noticed what looks like a woman standing against the house across from Emily. I initially just glanced at this picture and almost erased it. I wonder now what else I might have destroyed not knowing what might well have been staring right at me.
What got me started on this was a picture I saw from the Amityville Horror House. In fact I went and got the picture I am referring to from a website whose address is . I have tried twice now to put them in this story, and it won't let me. My computer freezes up. Paranormal? I don't know. But I just tried a third time and it didn't work. Interesting.
My point is look at the pictures you take while ghost hunting carefully. Ghosts often communicate in the most subtle of ways. Even in pictures you could miss it if you are not on your toes.