Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Saying Good Bye To 2009

These are all images from 2009. It was a great year for Ghosting 12 Paranormal. We are sure that 2010 is going to be even better. Happy New Year to all! We will be looking for you at our 2010 events!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My favorite Investigation of the year is:

The Family Repeat in East Liverpool.

Please follow this link for the YouTube video about it. I chose the music for it because it was so much fun!

Paranormal Activity-No, That's Not How It Is!

I watched Paranormal Activity last night. Thankfully I was not alone. It was very scary, to be sure. But not how it really is. Movies and TV take things to the extreme. In this movie it was maximum overload!

Yes, ghosts can turn lights on and off and make them flicker. Yes they can open and close doors and cupboards. Yes, they mess with the TV from time to time. Electricity and water are easy for ghosts to manipulate, in theory. Footsteps are also common and often residual in nature. Having your hair touched or tugged is common also. But not usually all of this in the same place. TAPS would love finding a house like this! I can see Grant sticking his head up in the attic (as he has before! So has Jason.) though I have no clue what they would do if one of them got dragged down the hall by unseen hands.
I have never heard of someone getting dragged from their bed and down the hall. It made me think of the movie "Poltergeist", when the ghost hunter talked about a match box car rolling across the floor and he got the whole event on film. The whole event takes like 7 hours he says. That is more like how it is. They seem to like to do things that you don't notice right away or even at all. I like to use the example on an episode of Paranormal State, where they were filming in a bathroom and you see the a glass on the left and handsoap on the right. When the camera pans back to the sink a few seconds later, the glass is on the right and soap on the left. No one noticed until later. That is often how ghosts work.
Once she got dragged out of the bedroom, it wasn't as scary for me. I know things like that do not happen. It was a great movie and very exciting, but not real. Not factual. Not possible.
As usual, this is only my opinion. What is yours?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Working With The Ghost Box At Gretchen's Lock

It is from Radio Shack- a 12-587. We have been trying to learn as

much as possible from YouTube videos
that other ghost hunters have been posting.

Here is a link you can follow for Viper Paranormal. Their videos have been very helpful to us.
The aluminum foil is their idea to help control the amount of radio signals you receive.
However, even they make it seem easier than it really is. For one thing, if you have your ear trained to listen for regular EVP, throw that out. It will not help you with the Ghost Box. You have to listen for one word answers for the most part that sound like regular voices. You also have to take into consideration your location. We chose Gretchen's Lock because it is in a valley and radio signals would be minimal. Perhaps, not enough in fact. We are headed to The Diamond House in East Liverpool again soon and we will use it there to see if we can get anything. We will also have it at Thompson Park on January 9 for the next walk there.
We tried in three places down at Gretchen's. First where we found the large stone with the carving on it, by the restroom. Then we went to where the house once was. Sitting at a Picnic table we tried to talk to the little boy who haunts that area. Then we went to the Grist Mill. The best we got so far is getting the color of our coats said at the site of the old house. Mine was red, Cheri's was blue, and Dave's was green. We heard the colors of Red and Blue said over the speaker. Another thing you have to consider is the questions you ask. For example, we asked for the colors of our coats that we had on. We asked for our names to be said. We asked if they knew what Holiday it was. We were looking for current information that was not just random, like yes or no.
We recorded every session, but I was having the hardest time because I keep listening for regular EVP. I tune out anything louder than a whisper. It is frustrating and will take some practice.
If you are working with the Ghost Box and have any tips, stories, or problems with it, please leave a comment or email me about it. I will be sure to post regularly about our progress with it also. Right now my crew and I are not real happy with it, but we are not giving up on it yet. There may be situations that is works better than others. We won't know until we try. You will see us with it a lot this year.

A Better Look At What I Thought Might Be Runes-This Stone Is Still At The Park.

I received an email from a nice lady named Angel a few days ago and she said the stone with what I thought might be a Rune (Ancient form of writing often used by Pagans) was not pushed into the well with the house. She said it was over by the rest rooms. And so it was. Dave, Cheri, and I went there today to see if we could find it. We did. I will be calling the Park Rangers on Monday to see what I can find out about this stone.
We took a lot of pics of it. The marks in the center look a lot different than what they look like in my pictures from 2006. There are enough similarities to say it is the same rock, but it has changed a lot.

I am looking for any information on this stone over by the hitching posts,near the rest room. If you know what it is, why it was put there, what it was used for,if anything, even how long you have seen it here, please email me.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Ghost Hunters Show--July 24, 2010

I am organizing a Ghost Hunters Show at Thompson Park on July 24. It will start at 4pm. I am looking for any ghost hunting groups out there who would like to attend. IT IS FREE. All you need to do is bring a table, and set up your pictures, EVP, equipment, what ever you want to show the public that you and your crew have done in the paranormal world. There will be three different tours of Thompson Park to go on and Ghost Hunting through out the night. If you and your group are interested in attending, please email me and let me know.

Friday, December 18, 2009


These are some other slide show videos I have done for CCFHV on some of the unsolved murder or missing persons cases for Columbiana County.
This Link is for Tracy Hill(Missing since June of 2001 from Rogers, Ohio)
This is for Dalton Springer(Murdered November 17, 2000 in East Liverpool)
This is for Gene Lysle.(Missing since June of 2004 from Wellsville)
This one is for Louise Davis.(Missing since June of 1979 from East Liverpool)
Craig Roberts(Murdered Aug 26, 2002 in Wellsville, Ohio)
Tweed/Morris Triple Murder(July 30, 1973 in East Liverpool)
Christopher Joy Jr. (18 month old baby murdered in March of 2009 in Jefferson County. His father's family lives in Wellsville, Ohio)
Mike Williams(murdered in Aug of 2005 outside of Rogers, Ohio)
CCFHV and what they are doing in Columbiana County, Ohio.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Did Nettie's Father Follow Her Home?

Nettie came to the Dec 5 Ghost Walk at Thompson's Park. She has been taking pictures for a little while and the Paranormal intrigues her greatly. A few days later, after visiting her parent's grave in a cemetery not far from her home, she turned and took this picture behind her. She thinks this might be her father following her home to ensure she got there safely. That is such a comforting thought to me. My father would do that for me. I am sure many fathers would if they could.
There are a lot of theories about how ghosts can communicate with you. I investigated a house about three years ago in Salem. The lady that lived there bought it from the family of a man named Gerald. He died of cancer in one of the bedrooms in the house. Sandi had experienced several things in her home that made her wonder whether or not she had a ghost. Her husband would see a little old man out of the corner of his eye. She also had experiences with the borrowing phenomenon. One time she put her V8 juice in her fridge and when she went to get it later, it was gone. She asked everyone in the house if they drank and they all said no. Angry and thinking that some one lied about it, she returned to the fridge, only to find the can in there, upside down. We did an EVP session in the kitchen and didn't get anything. But in listening to the recording, I noticed something peculiar. One person asked "Why are you still here?". The very next person asked "Why do you choose to be here?" I think the second question answered the first. Because he chose to be there.
So, what am I getting at after all of this? Possibly, a ghost can give you ideas or maybe put thoughts in your head. When I do EVP sessions, I always have every one ask what ever pops into their head for that reason.
While the pic above that Nettie sent in might well be her breath, it might just as well be as she thought also. Her father following her home and letting her know it by being in the picture for her to see. We have no way of knowing for sure. Personally, I rather like her idea. What do you think?

Monday, December 7, 2009


Please check the above link out. My fellow crew member, Dave McElroy, is in the Air National Guard and recently received an award for his deployments overseas since 911.

Thank you Dave and all of our men and woman defending our country. YOU ARE THE BEST!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thompson Park-Our Last Tour For 2009

Frigidly cold adequately describes the temperature at tonight's ghost tour of Thompson Park. EVP was good because there are no longer any bug noises to deal with. But the cold is not exactly a good trade off. Sammi, in the red, is being dropped off by her mom after the East Liverpool Christmas Parade. That is my Ghost Hunting Cheerleader!

Above is Will, Jamie, Nettie, and Amy Hissom, Thompson Park Entertainment Coordinator and Web Site Designer. It was her idea for me to start the Ghost Walks at Thompson. Best piece if advice I ever accepted. Seven people braved the cold besides my crew.

In Pavilion #1 we stood in the little room off to the front and did an EVP. During the session, there was, first a tap and then a loud slam on the picnic tables. Then we got this really great picture of what may be an apparition of a young girl above us, to the right. She did talk to us tonight to let us know it was not her who made the loud bang sound. We are not sure what her name is, though she has said she is 7 years old. Who she is and why she would haunt the park is a mystery, but Amy and I are determined to track down some of the park history in the coming year. There just isn't much that was kept. This picture is not as good as the pic we got in June, but it isn't bad either. If you are a ghost hunter and want to investigate a new place, check out Thompson Park. Just go around the circle and see what you can find. Something is there, of that I am certain.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ancient Symbols Once At Gretchen's?

For anyone who has any experience at Gretchen's Lock, you will recognize this as the old house that once graced the park. I would call your attention, however, to the slab of stone in the far right pic that lies closest to the road. On that slab of stone was the circle carving above. I often wondered what that might be. One possibility is called a Rune, an ancient symbol or form of writing. They first appeared some 1500 years ago in Europe. As Christianity took hold, the runic alphabet became reviled as a pagan practice, and eventually was little seen. The word "rune" comes from an Anglo Saxon word meaning secret or mystery.

It was also used by the Vikings. As near as I can guess, this symbol on the stone above could mean comfort, joy, or glory on one hand (WUNJO, W). But if it is a different letter (URUZ, U), then it could mean strength, speed, or good health. All are positive things.
I have also considered the possibility that it might be Native American, though from what I have seen, those symbols are far more complicated.
Sadly, there is no way to study it. I think they pushed it into the well along with the rest of the house. I didn't know anything about Runes at the time, or maybe I could have told someone and it might have been saved. As it is, I at least have the pics I took of it. If you know what this might be, if anything, please email me or leave a comment!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Moundsville Update Part 2

The plot thickens in the Moundsville Prison Tour adventure. It would seem there is Night Tours of the institution, which is what I described, and then Ghost Hunts, which is more like what I thought it was, except the price. Hmm. So, if we want to have from 8pm to 6am to hunt ghosts, it is $60 a person. It does include the 90 minute tour, but that still gives several hours to look for ghosts in every nook and cranny. You also get pizza and drinks. The night tour is from 12am to 6am and costs $600 for up to 20 people. No refreshments unless you bring your own and you only get about 4 hours to poke around a little. I am so glad I started planning this now. I honestly didn't know they had the different packages. We will be doing one of the two of these. Here is a better description:

Package A: A Night Tour that costs $600 for up to 20 people. This breaks down to $30 per person. It starts at 12am and ends at 6am. After a 90 minute tour, you have the rest of the night to explore the prison. You have to bring your own food and drink.

Package B: A Ghost Hunt that costs a flat rate of $60 per person. You check in at 8pm, and stay until 6am. This includes Pizza and drinks. There is also a 90 minute tour but then you have the rest of the night to check the place out.

I need to know every one's interest by January because that is when you can start booking your time. If we want a good time, that is when I am doing it. I am going for May or June. Email me!
Oh, and whoever Anonymous is, once again, THANK YOU!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Moundsville Update

I have been trying to get all the details for the Moundsville Night Tours and to my horror they have changed it. It was $500 for a night from 11pm to 5am. Now it is $600 for up to 20 people only from midnight to 6am. 90 minutes of that time is a tour of the place first. So for $600 you get 4 1/2 hours to investigate. And with a limit of 20 people, the cost will be $30 per person. Also, they used to provide pizza and drinks, but you now have to bring your own food and drinks. I included the web site with all of this information. If you are still interested, let me know. I am wondering however if 4 1/2 hours is worth $6oo. Give me your thoughts.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mans Best Friend

I do not know what happens when we die. No one really knows. The same goes for when our beloved pets leave us. I have lost some great friends over the years in the form of Dogs. In my opinion, there is no better friend in the world than a dog.
I have heard stories of people who lost their pets and see them a week later, perhaps out of the corner of their eye, or hear them padding down the hallway, or just feel their precious presence around them. Back in May, I think it was, Dave was at Riverview Cemetery taking pictures and happened to get this one. If you look at the orb hovering near the grave stones in the middle, you might notice the face of a dog in it. A happy, panting dog that perhaps is either looking for his loved one or maybe found him and watches over him. I love this picture for that reason. It is reassuring to me to know that perhaps, somewhere out there is the loved and missed spirit of one of my dearest friends that I can't see any more. Maybe when I pass on they will be waiting for me. This picture gives me hope.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Work Has Started On Jordanville Cemetery

We went to Jordanville Cemetery on Sunday because we had heard that they were working on it. This is what greeted us. This hill is something to climb, let me tell you!
Right away I noticed some missing trees and roads that weren't there before.

The grave stones are still piled up around the trees, though some of the trees they are piled around are cut down now.

They found several other grave stones up in the woods that no one knew about. I wish they were a little more respectful toward them though. I can't imagine how they are going to put it all back together. I am sure they know what they are doing but it seems like a huge task.

Here is the little bulldozer they have up there, dragging down trees from the woods that they cut down. It still seems so lonely up there.

Some of the stones are in amazing shape for being 200 years old. I am happy that they are fixing this historic old cemetery. Now, if I could just get them to look at the little German Cemetery right there in Lisbon on Chestnut Street.......

Puzzle Pieces of Jordanville Cemetery

Jordan Cemetery is about 200 years old. It sits on a hill overlooking Lisbon, Ohio from across the creek. It sat for many years is complete loss. As you can see, many of the cemetery stones are piled up around several trees, several layers thick.
As the renovations continue in an effort to recover this little cemetery, they are finding it isn't so little. This large table tomb or possibly chest tomb was recently discovered. Over half of it is broken beyond repair. It is in hundreds of pieces. The damage was done long ago, as the moss growing on whats left of it proves. But hidden in the underbrush for so many years, no one knew.

The grave site of John Watson is still piled high with other grave stones around it. He died in 1815 and the stone is as easy to read as when it was put there, nearly 200 years ago. Where are they all buried? Is there a record that still exists to say?

Worst of all, many of these stone are broken as well. This stone says "she was a wife, a mother, and a friend and a professer of religion" Who was she? The name is long gone. Perhaps the other pieces of this stone will be found piled around a tree.

Beautifully carved stones are also scattered about. A puzzle building master will have to be employed to put this little cemetery together properly.

The question is, do they plan on doing that? Are they going to keep the historical integrity of this little cemetery and at least try to fit some of the pieces together? It will be a challenge, to be sure.

This is a piece of a foot stone that might not be too hard to match up with the headstone if no one else has these initials.

I hope we get to see what they might have looked like all together. They lasted this long, this one being 201 years old.

If you click on this picture you will find the remnants of a poem. Where is the rest of it? I truly hope that we get to find out.