Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The American Theater of East Liverpool, Ohio

This is the American Theater in 1914 in East Liverpool, Ohio. It was decorated to celebrate the opening of the now Old Lincoln Highway.
In 1950 it caught on fire. This is an aerial view of the event. Please click on this picture. It will enlarge it and you can see several buildings that I have talked about on this blog. The old school with the clock tower, like I said, right out of a Harry Potter book!!! A little farther down, on the same street, the Ceramic Theater. To the far left of the picture is a huge bus station. I mean it is huge. And gone. Some of this scene is still here, but not most. What do you see that is missing? Email me!

In this photo you can see smoke coming out of the top windows. But it was a beautiful building. And look at the big buildings surrounding it, on both sides.

The aftermath of the fire was devastating, of course, but it was rebuilt and people like you and me went there to see movies for years. I remember seeing The Amityville Horror, The Legend of Boggy Creek and Disney's Snow White there to name a few. And what does it look like today?

This is the American Theater today. As of 1999, an unfortunate member of The Parking Lot Club. Oh and so are the buildings that were around it. If you go back up and look at the aerial view of the fire, you get a pretty good look at what East Liverpool looked like in the 50's. I would like to see an aerial view of today. I think it would shock you. This building would have been worth a moment of your time.

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