Wednesday, March 11, 2009

C.C. THOMPSON MANSION Legends and Ghosts?

This is one of the most interesting historical attractions in East Liverpool. Colorful and pleasing to the eye, it sits hidden between Kent State and the YMCA.

Note the gate. It is fastened with a chain and a heavey metal ball. When you open the gate and walk through, it closes automatically. I thought that was cool.
It is well maintained. Protected. I like that it sits beside Route 11 so it is seen by any passers by. Sadly, it is only open to the public once or twice a year. (Pottery Festival and Christmas time.)
 I would
love to see it open to tours for people interested in ghosts!
Pictured below is the C.C. Thompson Pottery Company, which wasn't too far from his mansion.   Route 11 runs through there now. There is no evidence today that that large pottery ever existed, except for pictures, and this beautiful mansion.
 Any deaths in the house?  If you do the tour, you will find they tell you that one child died in the house.   Are there legends about the house?  YES there is!

As the legend goes, there was a family that lived in the house.  The husband was reported to be a river boat captain.  Every day he would  go to work and every day his wife would climb up to the widow's peak to watch for him to come home.
One day, she climbed to the top as usual, only to see the horrific scene of the docks where her husband worked ablaze with fire.  She waited and waited for him to come home, but when it got dark, she just knew he was dead.  Feeling she could not live in this world without him, she made a terrible decision.
She went down stairs and poisoned their two children, leaving them sitting lying in their beds.  She then climbed back up into the widows peak and hanged herself.
Hours later, her husband finally made it home, exhausted, covered in soot, but very much alive.   No one greeted him at the door. The house was deathly quiet.  As he searched for his beloved family, he found them one by one.  A moment of maddness seized him as well, and he took pistol out into the front yard and shot himself.
This is a legend only about this house and so far there has been no proof found as to its truth.  As with many stories and legends, over the decades, details get mixed up with other stories or locaitons.  It is possible this happened in another house long ago, in the same area as this beautiful old mansion.

I visited the house a few years ago, and was given a private tour by Joan Witt.  She was a remarkable woman and loved the history of East Liverpool.

Me and Joan Witt
Love the stairs!
 As she gave us the tour of the house, we left a digital recorder running in the kitchen.

It ran for about half an hour.  That night I sat and listened to it.  No EVP, but there was something strange.  Even though none of us were in the kitchen, the sound of a chair moving across the floor could clearly be heard.

The maniquins are a bit creepy.  It wold make an investigation of the
building that much more interesting!

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