Monday, April 6, 2009

The Chester Bridge 1897-1970

Behind Mike in the distance is the Randolph Jennings Bridge. Built in 1977, it replaced the other bridge that joined Chester to East Liverpool. I will get a better picture of this bridge tomorrow in my adventures out.
The Chester Bridge was built in 1897. It was a suspension bridge that served as a toll bridge until 1938 when it was sold to the state of Ohio. From that point it was free to cross, and connected Chester, WV to East Liverpool, Ohio. Due to safety concerns, the bridge was closed in 1970. People used the Newell Bridge to cross for seven years, when the Randolph/Jennings Bridge was finally finished in 1977. The Chester Bridge was dismantled in the early 70's.

This picture was taken in the mid 50's. That is the Chester Bridge in the back ground.

This is what remains of the bridge today. The picture on the left is what remains on the West Virgina side, which is way more than what remains on the Ohio side, pictured on the right. Tomorrow I plan to go to the WV side and take some closer pictures of the only remaining bridge abutment for the Chester Bridge.

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