Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Diamond Building of East Liverpool, Ohio

The pics to the right are of the Diamond building. The post card picture is from about 1900. Beside it, from May of 2009. Note that the dome top is missing. That is not the only difference. Over 100 years old, it has survived several fires, though if you go inside, there are oddities that could not be
explained otherwise.

This is Ian. He owns the Diamond building. He is a very kind and gracious host to our investigation. Not a believer himself, he is still very intrigued by the paranormal and patiently awaits the day when he might have a personal experience himself.

Evidence that the building led elsewhere, this is what Ian called the Steps to Nowhere. There are five steps that lead into the wall. A door covers the location.

The cylinder shape that you see outside looks like this inside. This is the third floor. Right out of a haunted mansion, the curtains have been on this floor for over 50 years.

There are nine plus bathrooms in the building. More than half of them have the claw footed tub.

Each time a fire damaged the Diamond building, it would be rebuilt, though not the same. It has ended up with what Ian calls The Atrium. It is a four story area that was once outside, but is now enclosed. The hole in the floor to the left I affectionately call the Pit of Doom. Looking down at least two stories, Ian told us of the basement that was once a slaughter house. It was not a friendly area.

Abandoned hallways were every where inside.

A ghostly face peers out at us from the window to the right.

As always, we asked for any spirits in the area to sit on our hand. One did.

It is also my practice to turn a take one last picture of the area I am leaving. This is the one I took as I left the house. There were several personal experiences that you will hear about in part two of this adventure in The Diamond Building.

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foghorn said...

Would like to contact a person who has definite information about Thomas Jerome Barnes, owner of Barnes Grocery, that operated in the Diamond from circa 1893 to 1910. My wife is a direct descendant. We have visited East Liverpool, visited Riverview Cemetery where the Barnes plot is located, are also relative of George Brunt, indirectly by his marriage to Nellie Layton. Have many newspaper ads for the store, but no picture. Would love to have a picture. Also know Thomas' daughter, Marguerite went to school in East Liverpool and taught for a while at the school.. Looking for school information, especially a school yearbook record for 1900-1910.

Steve Ihde and Tenby Ihde, nee Galloway, great granddaughter of Thomas Jerome Barnes.