Sunday, May 10, 2009

Haunting Stories of Spring Grove Cemetery

This is the grave site of Linda and Angela Morris. It is at Spring Grove Cemetery. Please note there are three hearts on the stone. Linda was 4 months pregnant when she was murdered. Thankfully, her family had this beautiful grave stone put here. Spring Grove inductees can be hard to find. The pic to the right is of the grave site for Debbie Taylor and her two small children. Jesse was 6 and Billie Jo was 4. They were murdered by Robert Wooten, who is now in jail forever.

This is Linda Morris. She was 22 years old.

This is Angela Morris. She was 4 years old.

I found this story on a web site about Spring Grove Cemetery. The picture above is of a little boy name Billy who died when he was 6 or 7. He is supposed to be buried in Spring Grove. According to this web site Billy haunts the grave yard. It claims he had been seen darting between grave stones at night, seeming to play hide and seek. I have never heard this story before. Has any one else? The picture above was posted on the site and claimed this was him.

I know that Spring Grove Cemetery is haunted. There are those who speak during EVP sessions. Billy has no last name recorded in the story, and the records at Spring Grove were so shabbily kept that they are nearly useless. Does any one know about this story? Has any one ever seen his little ghostly form darting among the grave stones at night? Email me or leave a comment. Also, a story is coming soon about Sharon Hall, a woman who is a Find-A-Grave volunteer. I have listed a site called Genealogy Pit Stop on my favorite links to the side. Please check it out.

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Anonymous said...

Kim, This Billy, I'm not sure if this is his name, but maybe the ghost of my aunt's would have been uncle. He was killed when hit by a truck. People claimed that they would see him trying to cross the road to get back home. He lived near the cemetery on the other side of the street. Reportedly, the sightings stopped when his mother died. They soon started shortly again, but instead of crossing the road, he was seen playing among the stones.