Saturday, May 2, 2009


I have wanted one of these things for a long time. Well, almost a year. Ever since I saw it on TAPS. I was totally intrigued when I saw that it could be used by a ghost to answer questions. I usually use a ball or pencil on a clip board or I have even asked for the spirit to knock on the wall to communicate directly with us.

I visited Grant's myspace and read his blog on using the K2 meter and discovered that they jam a coin into the on button to keep it on. That turned out to be useful info because when I ordered my K2, I bought the one with the on/off button. I hope I ordered the right one. He also talked about watching cell phone use and walkies too. Like I said, it was useful info. I haven't visited Jason's space yet though. I have seen Steve's and Tango's also, but not Kris's.

I just wondered what kind of results others might have had out there using the K2. If you have any stories or info to share about one, please do. Hopefully my money was well spent and it proves to truly enhance my ghost hunting experience. I went to a psychic in January and she informed me that I will encounter a really evil ghost some time this year. Maybe a K2 will help me deal with it better if that should come to pass. Again, while anything is possible, I am not holding my breath that something like that is in my future, but it always pays to be prepared. Sleep well out there and journey well in your dreams.


tallsc said...

Tammy and Steve have a K2 meter. So far its been a bit of disappointment, walkie talkies and some cell phone set it off sometimes and thats about the only time it goes off. She hasnt given up on it though, shes always using it.

Kimberly said...

I heard that. I checked out Grant's myspace and one of his blogs is about that. A friend of mine has one of those ELF Zones which she brought with her last month and we got some interesting results from it at Thompson Park. However, I don't know anything about them so it could have been normal. It did help me make up my mind about getting a K2 though. I am hoping Tammy and Steve come to one of the walks at Thompsons some time. They are good people.