Friday, May 22, 2009

Loved Ones, Friends, and Orbs

These are my team members. A couple are missing, but for the most part these are the ones who go out with me and give me their support. Each person brings with them their own strengths that help make our team a success. They are my friends and family and I love them.
I have been literally all over the county ghost hunting. Once I was hooked, there was no turning back for me. My life is forever changed from the things I have experienced. I know something is out there. Something we can not see. We call them ghosts, though no one really knows for sure what we are dealing with. Lots of theories, but nothing concrete. Because of my experiences, I believe, for example, that there is more to orbs than the popular notion. There are many arguments for and against what orbs are. What I put on my blog comes from my experiences out in the field.

Sometimes you get a picture that can not be explained. Sometimes orbs go exactly where you want them to go because you asked them. I honestly don't care what others believe about orbs or ghosts. I know what I have seen and experienced. I KNOW something is out there. On my blog, I show you what I have found. You can believe it or not. However, don't get mad at me because I believe it and you do not. It is my opinion and my right to my own beliefs. I share what I find because there are those out there finding the same thing I am finding. I am not an expert in the field of paranormal study. I have only just begun. But then, I guarantee you there are no experts where ghosts are concerned. It is all theory and guessing by every one. Did you ever notice that the people calling all orbs dust have NEVER DONE ANY WORK IN THE FIELD THEMSELVES? I certainly have.

I love doing this. I love going out there and looking for those things that go bump in the night. There is an answer out there to explain ghosts. We don't understand it now and we fear it, but, like all science, there is an answer. We just have to keep looking until we find it. Giving up is not an option. If people did that, then we would still think the world was flat and we certainly never would have walked on the moon. Believe what you want. But don't get angry at me because I do not agree with you. I actually went out and looked. Most people never do.

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