Monday, June 29, 2009

Unusual Grave Markers Reply

This was sent in by Sharon Clauss and she took it in The City of Mesa Cemetery in Arizona. Thank you Sharon! She said I would get a kick out of it and I did. Anyone else that has any unusual cemetery pics, please email them to me and I will put them on here. Please don't forget to say where you took the pic so we can go look at it for ourselves.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Thursday,June 25 at 1pm the CCFHV will be having a Memorial Service for the three missing persons in Columbiana County. Tracy Hill, Missing since June 7 2001. Gene Lysle missing since June 13, 2004. Louise Davis missing since June 21, 1979. We chose as the spot for this memorial the murder site of Debbie Taylor and her two small children, Jesse age 6, and Billie Jo, age 4. It is on the corner of 9th and Woodlawn in East Liverpool. If you know where Dresden Ave is, you can find the site easily.
Thirty years ago, on June 21, Robert Wooten showed up at Louise's house and told her his wife had come home and she wanted to see her. Louise was eager to see her friend and went inside to tell her family where she was going. She got into Wooten's pick up truck and they drove away. Louise was never seen again. Two days later, the police questioned Debbie Taylor and asked if she knew Louise. Debbie had said no. However, she did know her and later told the police that. On June 25, 1979, the bodies of Debbie, Jesse and Billie Jo were found, all of them beaten to death. It was later determined that Robert Wooten was the killer. He is now in jail for the murders of Debbie, Jesse, and Billie Jo for the rest of his life. However no charges were ever filed in Louise's case because she was never found. It is believed that her body is somewhere in the East Liverpool area. Perhaps in a well on Alpha Street in East End, where Wooten had lived at the time, or somewhere in the Grimms Bridge area.
Tracy Hill went missing from Rogers, Ohio on June 7, 2001. She reported off work, supposedly, that day and no one has heard from her since. About 11 days later, her husband Cliff Hill was found driving her car in the Guilford Lake area. No charges have been filed against Cliff either, because there is no body.
Gene went to a concert at Star Lite Amphitheater on June 13, 2004. Friends claim they dropped him off at the Hot Dog Shop in East Liverpool, Ohio, but Gene never made it home. No one has seen him since.
Please try to come to the memorial to support the families of these missing persons. If you know anything about these cases, please let us know or call the Columbiana County Sheriff's Office for Louise or Tracy, and the Wellsville Police Department for Gene. This memorial is worth a moment of your time.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Bigfoot. Like ghosts, some believe in it, some do not. Because I believe something is out there, that includes Bigfoot. Below is a list of sightings of this creature in the Columbiana County area.

Summer 2007 - Horse trail at Beaver Creek State Park.
Summer 2003 - Possible daylight sighting on horse trail in Beaver Creek State Park
November 2001 - Ongoing accounts with a screaming ape-like creature
July 2001 - A man driving down the road witness's a 'huge" creature walk across the road
Fall 1997 - Outdoor photographer hears a howl/scream on two separate occasions that were identical to the sounds on the "Sightings" television show.
Summer 1982 or 83 - Nighttime sighting by three in car, on Sprucevale Rd. near Calcutta
June 1980 - Possible approach to a dwelling between Calcutta and East Liverpool
June 1980/82 - Sighting at a home on Duke Vodrey Rd., above Beaver Creek.
June 1971 - Late night sighting by children at a home in Calcutta

Since Bigfoot has been sighted in this area, my team and I have decided to do a little Bigfoot hunting, too. Now the main reason for this is one of my team members. Amber Rogers, pictured above, is truthfully more interested in Bigfoot and UFO sightings. She ghost hunts with me because she is my friend. The least I can do is have a few Bigfoot expeditions as well. So we have been looking for a place to explore.
Gretchen's Lock is out for a variety of reasons. I have heard a rumor that some Bigfoot hunters camping down there caused some considerable trouble and the park is closed to all traffic after dark. Bummer. You can still go into the park at night, but you must park outside, by the Grist Mill. Thanks Goofy Bigfoot Hunter guys!! Also with the documentary guys down there, there have been way too many people in the area. I think Bigfoot would shy away from that.
So, we decided to hunt in the area where I took the pictures above. For now the area is a secret until we determine if there is anything there. I will be doing several stories on our progress as amateur Bigfoot Hunters. While I am the Lead Investigator for Ghost Hunting, Amber is the Lead for Bigfoot.
We will be using equipment like recordings of sounds that might attract a Bigfoot, motion detectors, cameras, digital video recorders, and a few other toys that will help to determine whether or not Bigfoot is in this area. Wish us luck.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Can Antiques Emit An EMF?

We had many adventures this weekend. Helping out the CCFHV. Ghost walks through the city of East Liverpool. Meeting new friends. Investigating new places.
Above is Sarah standing with an antique mannequin. It is very old and made of wire. It resides in the basement of one of the buildings in the city. It emits EMF.
I had my K2 in the basement and it was giving readings in different places, always having to do with electric lines. Or, the air conditioner turned on and it lit up the K2 like a Christmas Tree. The possibility of a fear cage down there does exist. Then we came across this old mannequin. The level of EMF was low, but enough to light up the second light on the K2. My question is why did it do that? Is that antique some how absorbing the high EMF emissions that are elsewhere in the basement? Or does it have a spirit attached to it? If you have any ideas about why this old mannequin would be able to emit any EMF reading at all, please comment or email me. One of the theories I would like to study further is whether or not a spirit can attach itself to an object and travel with it. It would be interesting to find out the history of the mannequin. I doubt that is possible, but you never know. Good night.


These are a lot of group pictures. The group was fairly large and I had a terrible time speaking loud enough. I am by nature not a loud person. I ended up with a soar throat actually. Jon said some people left because they couldn't hear me and I am so very sorry. I am interested in giving some more tours down there and have smaller groups that will include doing some EVP sessions and pictures as well. If you are interested, let me know. As always, it would be free.
I think it went pretty well. Getting every one safely across the street so many times was a concern, but we had plenty of help. Steve and Tammy Smith once again attended the walk and helped whenever they could. I greatly apprectiated their assistance. Tammy even risked going to prison by halting a police car so we could cross the street. That was funny. The Police guys laughed though, and that was appreciated too.
I met a lot of great people this weekend and also hooked up with old friends like Jennifer, Alex, Karyn, and Becky.
Thanks to every one who offered a story or let us investigate their building. The Family Repeat and The Diamond Mansion are truly haunted and great adventures that allowed us to share the experience.
Don't forget the Thompson Park Ghost Walk is July 10, at 8pm. Bring a camera and digital recorder if you can. Hope to see you there. Thank you for making the ghost walk a success, one of which I hope to do again.

Pottery Festival #3 (no ghost walk on #2)

I am currently sifting through the 400 plus pics we took yesterday of the ghost walk. I put a pic on here for now of the Smith Auto Parts Store that I took last night. Please note the orb above it. Nice one. I wish there was some one out there who could help Mr. Smith save this building. When they tear it down, it will be such a loss. And for some reason, the city doesn't even allow any one to get the more important features of the buildings they destroy. I don't understand that. That is our history they are erasing forever. Buildings can't come back as a ghost to haunt you other than in pictures that leave you wanting to see it for real. Ghost walk pics will be on soon.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pottery Festival Night #1

Here are some highlites from the ghost walk tonight in East Liverpool. With all the rain this week, I didn't get much practice, so tonight made me a little anxious, but it all turned out great. It is a small group, but that truly is just the way I like it.
I am also there with the CCFHV and we have a tent set up over by the stage. Please come and say Hi!!

Steve Smith from the ghost hunting team of Just Two Ghost Hunters attended, much to my surprise. Talk about nervous! It is one thing to talk to regular people, but when you have a seasoned ghost hunter in the group, well, it feels like a test or something. But Steve was cool. I hope he had a good time.

Please check out the tour if you missed it. It will run again on Saturday night at 7pm.
I hear the weather might not cooperate, especially tomorrow, but that probably won't stop the tour. Bring an umberella. I am. See you Saturday night.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ghost Walk In East Liverpool June 18 and June 20 At 7pm.

I am so ready for the tour of East Liverpool! The city is so old and has so much history. Too bad a lot of it is untold. Children seem to haunt several of the houses on 4th street. I found the former city morgue. Did you know that someone died in the library? There are three murder scenes, two theater sites, a haunted piano, a haunted bar and the Diamond Mansion. The Pic of the carved rock on the right is from the original East Liverpool School that was where the Alumni Building is today. The School that was there was jaw dropping awesome! I am sad that it is gone. Every time I look at a picture of it, I think of Hogwarts Academy. The two top pics are Hogwarts on the left and the East Liverpool School on the right. It was torn down in 1969. What a loss!!!!
Remember 7pm, in front of the Masonic Temple Thursday night and Saturday night. Expect the tour to last about 90 minutes. I hope to see you there!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Charles Arthur Floyd-New Pics From His Story

Above are pictures of the Conkle Farm. This is the last place Mr. Floyd saw alive. The true story of his death may never be known, but his legacy does live on. Thereis the close up of the farm house, a full view of the farm itself, taken from the spot where Mr. Floyd fell for the final time. The small pile of logs is supposed to be the exact spot where he fell. Where is the tree he was supposed to have died under? Interesting. The three men are family members who went to the site. These photos belong to a young lady named Karyn who has been coming to the walks and tours. She is pictured above in the only color pic with Jen and Alex. She has the blond hair.
I often wondered what the area looked like at the time the incident occured. Notice no trees any where. The whole area looks different now. This is just another look at the lasting story of Mr. Floyd.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

After this night, even Skeptics would have walked away wondering.

The Ghost Walk on June 6 at Thompson Park was the best so far. This is the group we had for the night.
Our first stop was the Time Capsule. You can never predict what will happen there. Last year we had several girls names said on EVP, but because I talk about that, what ever entity is there, won't do it. Tonight he did say something about his name. The word Captain is easily heard. The pic in the earlier story of the man by the tree seems to look like he is dressed in a Civil War uniform.
From there we went the usual route. At the amphitheater we put the ball down, like usual, but nothing happened there.
We did the usual photo sessions asking any spirits in the area to get in the pic. The orbs there never seem to disappoint.

We went to Pavilion #1 and that is where things started to really happen. At this time we didn't know about the guy by the tree. We put the ball in the kitchen area and left it be. We asked any spirits in the area to move the ball if they could.
Then we had an EVP session. Again all was pretty quiet. It wasn't until we listened to this EVP that things started to move along. On the EVP we asked for Katie. She made herself known in March. We asked how old she was and she said seven. Then she said "In the bathroom." It was very clear.
So Sarah and our ghost hunting cheerleader, Sammi, and her crew decided to check out the girls bathroom. Off they went, digital recorders and cameras in hand. In the bathroom they found two balloons. 0 and 9. Some one had had a graduation party earlier in the day there. 2 and 0 were bobbing around along the ceiling. It left us to wonder if she wanted the balloons to be brought out to see or play with. We left them there, tied to the grill. Just as the girls brought the balloons up, the ball in the kitchen started moving slowly in a circle. It was so great. Of course, everything happens at once, but wow!
Katie will definitely need more work. It was a good feeling we left Pavilion 1 with.
The field by the Tennis Courts has a possible entity that is rather grumpy. He has cussed twice, though not this night.
He actually may have lit the K2 up pretty good though. More work will need to be done here, including some distance work with cell phones. K2s can be affected by cell phones and walkie talkies. No one had their cell phones on, nor do were we using walkies.
We were all amazed. We told him if he made it light up one more time we would leave. He did, so we did.
By this time we were all wondering what would happen next, though nothing else really did. We went to the fountain and took some pics.
We went last to where the tour starts. The three flag poles. As usual a large orb was found by many in their pics. If it is Marie, we are grateful that she lets us see her.
I can't honestly imagine it getting any better than this. I am eager for the next walk. July 11, 2009 at 8pm. I hope to see you there.