Sunday, June 21, 2009


These are a lot of group pictures. The group was fairly large and I had a terrible time speaking loud enough. I am by nature not a loud person. I ended up with a soar throat actually. Jon said some people left because they couldn't hear me and I am so very sorry. I am interested in giving some more tours down there and have smaller groups that will include doing some EVP sessions and pictures as well. If you are interested, let me know. As always, it would be free.
I think it went pretty well. Getting every one safely across the street so many times was a concern, but we had plenty of help. Steve and Tammy Smith once again attended the walk and helped whenever they could. I greatly apprectiated their assistance. Tammy even risked going to prison by halting a police car so we could cross the street. That was funny. The Police guys laughed though, and that was appreciated too.
I met a lot of great people this weekend and also hooked up with old friends like Jennifer, Alex, Karyn, and Becky.
Thanks to every one who offered a story or let us investigate their building. The Family Repeat and The Diamond Mansion are truly haunted and great adventures that allowed us to share the experience.
Don't forget the Thompson Park Ghost Walk is July 10, at 8pm. Bring a camera and digital recorder if you can. Hope to see you there. Thank you for making the ghost walk a success, one of which I hope to do again.

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