Monday, July 6, 2009

Finally, Part 5- Our Conclusions

During the evening we heard loud noises coming from the woods. It sounded like big sticks smashing into each other. This started about two hours after we began our Bigfoot calls. Somewhere in the darkness, some one or something wasn't happy. During one such event, something large crashed through the woods, breaking the branch pictured above. Certainly, no deer could have broken this big branch like that. Could it? And we found what might have been a couple large foot prints in the freshly mowed weeds and grass. We got the heel of the foot best in the pic.
Are we professionals at Bigfoot Hunting? Of course not. When the smashing sounds started coming from the woods, my little 6 person group walked as one unit across the field. (Wish I had a video of that!) Do I really think the evidence above is really evidence? It is what we found after the incidents that occurred. It could be. We have a night vision scope and Mike did see a large deer shoot out of the woods and across an open field opposite from where we all were.
But we had a GREAT time. We were out there living life, as it should be lived. Making our own adventures. I would go on another Bigfoot Hunt in a minute, and hope to plan one again soon.
My area of expertise is Ghost Hunting, but it was nice to dabble into something else for a change and try my hand at something new. Amber is the Bigfoot expert on my crew and this hunt originally was for her because she goes ghost hunting all the time with me. But it ended up being for all of us. Good job Amber and Amy and my crew of 30 plus family members. Something is out there, and it's not just ghosts.

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