Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Haunted House In East Liverpool

This is a house down in East Liverpool, owned by a nice lady named Chris. I actually went to school with her and we rode the same school bus. I haven't seen her for years, but she knows my team member, Amy, quite well. Her house is over 100 years old. Chris knows that a big family once lived here, and that a relative to them once lived across the street.
There is some beautiful wood work and architecture inside and I greatly enjoyed our evening there. Here we are doing an EVP in the living room. I loved the large mirror over the fireplace. See the orb that hovers above us?
Chris and Amy are pictured here, as Chris shows us around her house. One of the problems she has been having involves a phenomenon called borrowing. Things that she takes into the house disappear when she puts them down and turns her back for a moment. Often in a borrowing situation, the item in question will appear later in a place that you were not in in the house. Unfortunately, Chris has not found the items she is missing yet. She might not ever find them, as that also occurs in a borrowing situation.
This is Sarah and Chris's daughter, Laken. Laken has heard footsteps upstairs when she was the only one at home. There is an orb on the door behind them, seeming to try to hide.
We got some good EVP upstairs. One of them says "He can't get down." Another one said the normal "Get out." and "I said leave!"
Amy walked around the house and one of the bedrooms she felt was a sick room where two people were nursed. In that room we experienced a phantom smell, which was like an antiseptic smell. It lasted a few moments and then was gone. Amy also felt the house had roughly four spirits in it. An old married couple she feels are there, a young child, and an angry man as well.

We hope to have a few more sessions there in an attempt to understand what is going on there. Chris was great about it and is very understanding about the things going on in her home. I like to let the recordings sit for about a week after we initially listen to them to see if anything else developes on them. (Developing Playback) A second listen might reveal more. She is anxiously awaiting any information we might find. She gave me permission to talk about her case, though not to give her last name or where her home is exactly. I will be sure to update her case when I can.

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