Saturday, July 18, 2009


Above are pics from our Bigfoot adventure today. We left around 1pm. We live out in the middle of nowhere and I have often wanted to see what was below us. We discovered waterfalls, big rocks, strange tracks, lots of deer tracks, and breath taking scenery. But alas, no Bigfoot. We did not see him, hear him, smell him, or sense him in any way. As far as I can tell he has not ever been down there. And it is very isolated. We were on an ATV trail of course, and that might make all the difference. I am looking forward to going again and possibly camping down there one night. I believe the ghosts are plenty down there, though I wasn't looking for them today. Some of the pictures have very nice orbs in them. My favorite place is the waterfall. It was so inviting. It made you feel like jumping in.
While I didn't necessarily think we would find anything, I think I was so hopeful that we would find something. No one is down there and hasn't been down there for more than 100 years. I had also hoped to find some remnant of a small town called Island Run. It was similar to Hell's Half Acre in reputation. I didn't even find a lock of any kind today. Bummer. But it was still a great adventure and I greatly look forward to doing it again.

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Autumnforest said...

That sounds like so much fun! I hope you get to go back and camp and let the woods "get used to you." I have a feeling more things happen when you're staying and not trekking through. If you find that town, that would be a huge coup! Good luck!