Thursday, July 9, 2009

Looking for Hell's Half Acre

I ran across a mention of Hell's Half Acre while I was doing research for the East Liverpool ghost walk. How intriguing to learn that famous people in our history like John Dillinger and Baby Face Nelson once hung out in East End! I went down last night with Amber and we took some pics of the area. At this point I am not sure where it was precisely or if there is even anything left of it. There is this old building near the road, pictured above. It is OLD! Was it one of the buildings included in the area known for bootlegging, fist fights, prostitution, murder, robbery, saloons, taverns, bars, and bad guys? Or is Hell's Half Acre one of those historical places that got completely erased? The search is on. I am looking for any stories you might know, and especially the exact location of this area of East Liverpool's awesome past.
The main story I am hearing is of a bar owned by a woman. The bar was either built right on the state line or it had a tunnel that allowed easy escape for the gangsters that frequented the area.
I am also looking for info on a place called Island Run, which was supposed to be a small town area a few miles up Beaver Creek. It had a similar reputation as Hell's Half Acre. Please email me or leave a comment if you know anything or heard any stories about either of these places.


Autumnforest said...

Can't wait to hear more.

ShayneCBeagle said...

My sister lives up at the end of Penn Ave extension! It is super creepy... we used to play in the woods up there when we were young. I have no idea who owns the property beyond there but I'd love to go back that road! Its so interesting, there are overgrown paths. I remember when it went back farther and the older kids rode 4 wheelers back there. There is a waterfall too.

ShayneCBeagle said...

My sister lives up there.. she lives at the end of penn Ave ext. its really interesting. I used to play back there as a kid. I wonder who owns it?