Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I went to see the new Harry Potter movie tonight. We attended a midnight showing in Columbiana, Ohio. The Theater was packed. But then, I expected nothing less for a Harry Potter Movie. We got there right around midnight, and by we I mean, Jon, Kylie, Nathan, and me. There were not four seats together anywhere except the handicapped section. Because Nathan has his back brace on they allowed us to sit there because there were no handicapped in attendance. The arms of the three seats that were together flipped up and we were able to all sit together. That is a very nice theater in Columbiana by the way. The seats were very comfortable and the screen was easy to see.
The movie itself was great, though there was not as much action as there normally is. They must be saving it for the last movie. Ronald was funny, as usual, and the friendship between the three continues to deepen. Because of the lack of action however, I gave it an 8 out of 10. The special effects were awesome. You always leave a Harry Potter movie in awe. I know I did. Can't wait for the Deathly Hollows to come out. It will no doubt be the best of them all.
I highly recommend a midnight show for anyone who hasn't done it. Nothing like a midnight adventure to spice up your life. Especially with Harry Potter.

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