Sunday, July 26, 2009

An Update on the Smith Auto Parts Store

Remember in the last article I said I would love to go inside of this, my favorite building in East Liverpool, and get a closer look at the safe? Guess what we got to do? thanks to Karyn Locke, we were able to go inside. She had seen the door open and went down and asked before we got there. Way to go Karyn!! While we were asked not to take any pictures, we were allowed inside and I got my close up look at the safe. It says HALLS SAFE AND LOCK COMPANY on the front. It is the original safe for Potters National Bank. I talked to the man working there and he said the owner was out of town for another week or so. He also told me that they are going before the city council on September 16 to find out when the building will be torn down. He said they can take what they want from inside, so they are definitly taking the safe. They are not allowed to take anything off of the outside of the building. I want to know what the fate of the PNB will be that is above the door way. I want them to save it. With the economy being so bad, I wish they would give the owners a little more time to find the money to fix it. I hate to lose it. While it might belong to the Smith Family, it really belongs to everyone who cares about our city's history. I don't know about you,but I am sick of parking lots.

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