Thursday, September 10, 2009

The General Store and Hotel in Rogers, Ohio.

Now, this is what I call the wild west. However, this building you will find in Rogers, Ohio. Dennis Smith, from Beaver Creek State Park, said this was a general store and a hotel.

I have long wanted to get pics of this gorgeous building.

Unfortunately I do not know anything else about it. But I am looking. The tallest building, I am guessing, was the store. I love the square, extra high building front. How many times have I seen the exact same thing in an old western on TV?
Who ever owns it has lace curtains hanging in the windows which adds the perfect touch. The long red chimney is on the back of the store section. There is also a beautiful old porch on the back of the hotel side. (Yes, I walked all the way around it.)
I am looking for information on it. Are there any ghost stories about it? I sure hope so. Is it going to get restored? There is a sign in the window that says:
SLATE & BEAM RENOVATION COMPANY. The sign has been there for a while. Not that this building isn't simply gorgeous as it is, but I am looking at it with ghost hunters eyes. The foundation desperately needs attention on the lower side. Several of the windows are broken. There is a huge bee's nest near the big red chimney that is very active. And, speaking of the big red chimney, it needs some help too. The hotel side has some boards missing across the front.
Dennis Smith said he took a black and white photo of this building and won first place with it in a photo contest. I can see why.
If you haven't noticed this building before, it is worth a moment of your time.


Autumnforest said...

If someone put a spotlight on that building on Halloween night, it'd scare everyone away with the spooky angles and textures and height. Cool building! The local city registrar might be helpful in finding out who owns it and who's owned it in the past. I'd be curious to find out what it's been used for over the decades.

arabellaesmerelda said...

My great grandmother and a great aunt lived in this building. I grew up visiting it on a regular basis. The building was originally built by two brothers for both of their families. It had two living rooms, two kitchens, etc. The part that looks like a store is two stories high and was a dance hall. When I was young a swarm of bees made that wing their home.