Monday, September 14, 2009

Ghosting 12 Paranormal Will Be Setting Up At Mr. Floyds On October 22, The 75th Anniversary Of His Death

A couple weeks ago, my crew and I went to Mr. Floyd's to do some investigative work. We are trying to determine if the Crazy Guy I have on a recording from here is actually Mr. Floyd. One of the stories connected to Mr. Floyd seems to have him becoming aggressive and incoherent as the date of his execution gets closer. By October 22, he relives his death over and over again.
On September 9, 2006, I was up at Mr. Floyd's taking pictures. We did three EVP sessions while there. The first two didn't have anything. The third, which is 1minute and 38 seconds long has something ranting and raving that he is going to get us. It is very creepy and shook us up pretty good. We didn't go back for months. Since I have my own crew now, we want to work up there to determine who it might be. One theory concerns a man who committed suicide up there in 2003. Your state of mind (in theory) remains the same after death and perhaps this EVP comes from him. I invited Steve and Tammy Smith several times to join us this year, but our schedules never seem to match. This man was related to them and I hoped, if it is him, that they might be able to reach him on a more rational level than total strangers would. Hopefully we will be able to join them up there a few times. On October 22 we plan to set up on the site for most of that day, which marks the 75th anniversary of Charles Arthur Floyd's death.
We will be studying temperature readings, EMF levels, having EVP sessions, taking pictures, etc in an effort to find out more information on Mr. Floyd, the Crazy Guy, and the female looking ghost in the picture above.
A member of my crew, Sarah, is just learning about her new camera. She was trying to make a panoramic view of us in our investigation. Yes, it is blurry, but I always say to check EVERY PICTURE before you dismiss it. In this picture, Dave and Jon are standing in front of my moms car. You can't make Jon out at all because Something is in front of him. To me it looks like a female. She is sideways up against him. It seems she is kissing him and also groping his groin area. Shocking, yes. But mostly because I never considered the possibility that there might be a female ghost attached to that area. That is also something we have to consider, now. Let me know what you think.

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