Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Memory Of Hotel Wick

The Hotel Wick was built in 1836. It operated as a stagecoach inn and tavern for many years, but it's claim to fame is the people who stayed within it's walls. General William H. Harrison spoke from the balcony and gave the little hotel high marks. Mr. Harrison later became President Harrison. Sadly, the Hotel was torn down in 1993-94 and a 1st NC bank built in the spot.

Like East Liverpool, you find this lovely plaque that marks the spot where Hotel Wick once stood.
Too bad they park a bench in front of it so no one sees it. Yes, I am bitching. But, come on. Can you blame me? Why put that stupid bench right there? Who plans this stuff?

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Sharon Day said...

Yeah, that was bad planning. Love to hear about historic sites. Keep it up!