Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Info On The Little German Cemetery

Apparently, back in the 70's, the man who bought this property had put an advertisement in the newspaper stating what he was going to do with the property and that if any one objected, there would be a meeting and they could voice their concerns at that time. Only two people showed up. So he made the memorial. Where you see the big white building in the back ground is where the actual cemetery was. Human bones were even dug up in the building of this garage.
I am currently working on trying to get some kind of recognition at the very least for the three veterans that are buried here. Though I ask, why would anyone want to build a garage over a cemetery? The little memorial the owner built may have been nice at one time, but no one takes care of it, nor have they for years. It just isn't right. My friend Belinda, has talked to several people and there are some interested in doing something about it. Barb Brown, wife of Salem City Councilman Clyde Brown, is one of them. My new team member, Dave, also did some digging and got a couple web sites to check out about it . I will keep you updated on this story as it progresses.

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