Monday, September 7, 2009

New Lebanon United Pres. Cemetery- The Chess Pieces

The second cemetery on our midnight adventure we encountered was this one. I was intrigued by the high stones that reminded me of Chess Pieces.
With my little mom beside them, they look even bigger.

Most of them are very weather worn and you can't read much on them.

This stone must have been beautiful when it was new. It is very dramatic. The open book represents the human heart with the deceased thoughts and feelings open to the world and to God. The curtain or veil is a symbol of the passage from one type of existence to another.

As in the St. Paul Cemetery, there are many white sand stone markers whose inscriptions are long worn away.

I am looking for an explanation to this one. It is not in my Stories In Stone book. It is different, though I originally thought it was a tree stone of some kind. There is a scroll or parchment on it and all the information on the deceased buried here is on it. Very interesting.

A hand pointing up means the soul has risen to the heavens. This is one of my favorite symbols found on grave stones.

There is also a table top grave marker in this little cemetery. They are rare to find. Often there is a whole story written on them, but because the inscription faces the sky, it gets all the weather and it usually chips off.

I enjoyed my little walk through history as I visited this cemetery. Tomorrow I will tell you about the third cemetery we found. It actually has a ghost story to go along with it.

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Autumnforest said...

That's an awesome cemetery!