Monday, September 7, 2009

The Ghost of the Church Preacher Near West Point

West Beaver Cemetery is one of the more creepy cemeteries I have been in. The feeling was all wrong there. It is on Rt 518, just down the road from The General John Hunt Morgan Monument.
Most of the Grave Markers there are black. Not because they started out that way but because this black mold grows on almost all of them. Why? Where does it come from? It is creepy.

Some are very artistic and beautiful.

Some are beautifully Gothic and steel your attention like no other stone in the cemetery.

My mom and I walked around and tried to read several of the stones,

but most were a futile effort.

As the sun began to set, I had the urge to leave and it grew with each passing second. I don't like that.  It is that feeling of unnatural darkness.  Perhaps it is just suggested because of the black stones...

There is a ghost story to accompany this church. I was surprised to hear it from a relative of mine. Here it is:
If you go there late at night, a dim light will appear inside the church and an old man will come out the front doors holding a lantern or a candle. When he sees you he will be very angry with you and try to chase you away. For all appearances he looks real enough, but no one lives in the church and apparently the way he is dressed is like men dressed a hundred years ago. It looks like a stiff white dress he has on with a long sleeping cap.
Was there a preacher that lived there and protected his parish and church like that?   It has got to be written in an old book somewhere...

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Autumnforest said...

That was amazing! Oh my gosh! I wish I could go and do grave rubbings and pick up the ambiance. I'm sure that was nice and creepy.