Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Tour Of The William's House At Beaver Creek State Park

The William's House is over 100 years old. Donated to the park in the 70's, it has been a favorite attraction at the park for years. It has been investigated a few times, including by my crew, at least on the out side. But until recently, I had never been in it.
CCFHV went to the Toys For Tots event that was held there a few weeks ago and the Pioneer Village was open to go inside and it is when I got my info about Morgan's Raiders. Belinda and I met with a friend of ours, Dennis Smith, who helped us out a lot last year at Harvest Days. When we asked if there were tours of the house, he said no, but got his keys and took us on a private tour. Thank you so much Dennis. You are the best!!
I was in love with everything I saw in that house. The following are some of my favorites. This old wood burning cook stove for one.

The parlor was elegantly decorated and well kept. I felt right at home.

The downstairs bedroom had the most beautiful bed in it and quilt that covered it.

I have a thing for old fire places and this one was an eye catcher. It is in the parlor. I noticed there was a lock on the door that lead upstairs. I was eager to go up there and have a look in one of the rooms because I have a picture of what looks like some one looking out the upstairs window. I wanted to see if something was near the window that made it look that way. But Mr. Smith said no one had been up there for several years. None of the rooms were even made up for any one to see.

I also liked the personal touches that adorned the place. There were family pictures like this one. The lady to the far right would be Blanche E. Hickman Williams herself. She was born in 1877 and died in 1977. She was the last one to live in the house.
We have heard footsteps inside the house as we stood quietly on the porch outside. We have got knockings on the wall and some really good EVP. The house lends mystery to the park and fits right in with the little Pioneer Village that was built in the 1970's. It is just another element that makes Beaver Creek State Park worth a moment of your time.

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