Monday, September 28, 2009

A Walk Along The History Of Lisbon

The Lisbon Ghost Walk went great. About 20 people came and for me, that is the perfect size group. We took them all over the village and told stories that most people do not know. Ghost stories were hard to come by, but Lisbon is so full of great historical occurrences, that was all I needed. Above pictured: Jon, me, Belinda Mike, Amber, Amy, Sarah, and Sammi.
Here we are in front of the Eells Legget funeral home. I think there is a Stauffer in their name too. But the spelling is off, I think.

Here and explanation comes about the letters C D on the stone pillar. Civil Defense.

A little lesson about the history, or lack there of, of the Masons. They also guard their secrets well.

Walking toward the home of Erastus Eells, the first undertaker of the county. He may have been involved in the Underground Railroad, though no proof exists. Personally, a lack of proof suggests he did a good job at smuggling out the slaves. He used his coffin making business, hiding the slaves in the coffins and sending them up north, like to Canada.

Here is our little group standing in front of the home of Chris and Debbie Shivers. For many years, their home was haunted by a little girl they called Cathy. She created a lot of mischief inside the home, though it was tolerated with great affection. They even went so far as to buy little Cathy Christmas presents. A more elaborate story about this will come later this week.

This is some climb. We walked up the steps toward the F.O.E. building. Benjamin Hannah had this house built for his son Joshua. There is a rumor that there is a ghost on the second floor, but no one would elaborate. Also the home was a station for the Underground Railroad itself.

They look sadly at the grave markers of the little German Cemetery in Lisbon. They all expressed dismay at the state the markers are in.

Everyone listens as I tell the story about the little cemetery and point out the row of pine tree the Lisbon Garden Club had planted to hide what the public thought of as an eyesore.

Standing beside the police station and talking about the architecture of the old Presbyterian church across the street, wondering if the Masons had a hand in building it.

Bad Frogs. Closed forever. Haunted forever, too. It has a Lady in White that floats down the stairs to look at the bar patrons and then glides back up to disappear. Formerly the Ivy Stone Lounge, it was also a stop on the Underground Railroad.
By the end of the tour, my ankle throbbed, but it was so worth it. I think people liked the tour. I was happy they took the time to come and I hope they felt they got their moneys worth. They helped the CCFHV to get that much closer to their goal of non profit status. Thank you to everyone who came. Please check the list of tours on the side. The next event is October 3 at Thompson Park. I don't charge for any of the tours I do, except for the one today. It was a charity event and ALL THE PROCEEDS went to CCFHV. Looking for some fun Halloween activities? Check out the side of the blog and see if there is anything you'd be interested in attending. Hope to see you at one of them!

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