Sunday, October 4, 2009

Alice Ann Burgess Whitehill-In Tune With Spirits

CCFHV is set up right beside a local author named Alice Whitehill. She wrote a great little book that I use as reference material for the area. She tells her story in the book, but basically, she determined that when she plays her dulcimer, a musical instrument, it attracts ghosts from the past to her. You can often find her at her second home in Gettysburg PA. She told me she goes there nearly every weekend.
She talks of writing two more books at some point in her future. Of course, finding the time to do so has proven to be difficult. She also does a lot of volunteer work and has a job as well.
You can find her at Harvest Days on Sunday Oct 4 from 10 am to 5pm. She is set up near the barn. Her book, In Tune With Spirits, is on sale there for $5. It is a very good read, with excellent stories about Columbiana County and the surrounding area. There are a couple Gretchen's Lock stories well worth your time. Sleep well.

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