Thursday, October 29, 2009


October 30 is almost here and we are so ready for the all night investigation at the old Fairview School. Thanks to Nick Dalonzo, Mindy, Ricky, and Nick Jr. we hope to have an adventure filled night full of ghostly happenings. At these two schools, we are sure to get it.

After our first night, the examination of the data showed that the newer building was the more haunted. However the second visit on Oct. 19, shifted things to the older building. We did a daytime investigation because Mindy felt there was more activity during the school time hours. There was at least equally as much. We not only had some great EVP, but a plastic bottle came hurtling at us on the first floor, an area I have suspected of being physically active.

And this strange room on the bottom floor of the older building could have been a band room or perhaps a science room maybe. Another pile of long empty desks lends an eerie tone to this room. As we sat in here doing an EVP session, Mindy noticed a dark shadow walk down the hall through the heating grate. We ran to the door to see who was out there, but it was deserted.

Who is in here? I left a recorder on the pool table for only thirty minutes on the 19th. I listened to it and while there are no EVP's to speak of, there is a lot of loud taps and what also sounds like chairs moving by themselves. Is it the ghost of Charles Wilfing, the former principle who died suddenly in November of 1979 while still the principle? Does he still walk the halls keeping an eye on this, his domain? We got a very nice EVP that says: "I'm telling you, this is my building. I want you out!" during a session here. This room will get a lot of attention tomorrow night.

This picture was taken on Oct 5. It is Gloria walking into a room and that is nothing paranormal. I was getting a closer look a the white swirl behind her down the hall and noticed something quite interesting.

This shadow on the back door is unexplained. The white swirl turned out to be the coke machine, but there is no one down there. It isn't my moms shadow because there is too much in the way and the shadow is facing the wrong direction. What is this? The possibilities are endless. And totally investigatable. Our investigation starts at 11pm and will go until at least 6 am. There will be 10 crew members on my side to handle both equipment and the 4 teams going in to the two schools all evening. Nick and Nick Jr have invited some family and friends to attend this Ghostly Halloween Adventure. I do not think they are going to be disappointed.

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