Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Ghost Walk At Gretchen's Lock

We had a great time tonight at Gretchen's Lock. I didn't even count how many people actually came. Even after the walk started, some extra people came. I met some really nice people.

There were a lot of cold fingers and toes when we were done, like 4plus hours later. We did a few EVP's, though with so many people it was hard to hear. The EVP in the are did not disappoint. Even Esther Hale might have said a thing or two tonight, for the first time ever in my presence.

Sarah, Sammi, Jon, Amber, and Brooke, Amber's sister, came along to give a hand. Gosh, what would I do without them?

We visited Gretchen's Lock, the abandoned equipment, the rest rooms, the sight of the old house, Jake's Lock, Hannah's tree, the Grist Mill and of course, some stories about the bridge rounded out our evening.

I haven't had time yet for any detailed inspection of the pics. They are looking good though.

Yes, it snowed. Yes it rained, but that didn't keep all these great people away. Thank you all for coming.

Expect more to come tomorrow about this evenings events. There were even a few people brave enough to tough out 5 minutes in the Mill. Good Night!


Anonymous said...
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Kimberly said...

I do not support the sale of that video in any way and I don't care who is selling it. There fore, no one sold anything at my tour last night. Least of all, that video. I have my own credible ghost tours going on. I do not associate with either of these parties. My only concern is the fact that no donation has been made to the park as promised.

ammonmom said...

Thank you for an awesome ghost hunt lastnight. My son Alan had the best time. Thank you John for being so nice to him. He has been telling eveyone he has a new friend named John. I hope to see you all soon.
Thanks again,

Kimberly said...

Alan shows great dedication and bravery in his pursuit of the paranormal. We hope to see you all at other events. Please send me your email and I will let you know what we are doing in the future.

Stacey said...

I wish I could have made it, it looks like everyone had a blast. Sorry Kim but I just need to say to shawn or which ever friend of his wrote that comment about Tammy (cuz you know its one of them), Grow up already and get over it, everyone knows not to believe you get a life

Anonymous said...

You do not support the sale of the Gretchens Lock dvd? Where exactly did you obtain your copy from? WOW.
What a hypocrite you are!

Kimberly said...

I do not own a copy of the video. A friend of mine named Brooke let me borrow her copy that she bought. She was asking me questions about the howling wolves that were alledgedly caught on a recording in that video. She wanted me to hear them because they sound strangely familiar. I agree with her. Do I need to say more?

Anonymous said...

Say more? Dont you think that you have said enough? And the wolves sounded strangely familiar? What does that mean??