Monday, October 12, 2009

A Ghostly Cemetery On the Ski Slope.

I love cemeteries. They have so much history in them. They
are the last words a person leaves behind sometimes. It is what their family thought of them in life. It is sometimes what they accomplished, like being a veteran in one of America's battles for freedom. Yes, it is sadness and loss, but it is also hope and love.
This little cemetery is one I have yet to discover the name of. It is in Salem township and is very old. I am in the older section, though there is a slightly newer part a little back from this. There are many interesting things about this particular cemetery that I am eager to learn about. It is set up like a chess set. Four rows are facing we'll say South and four rows are facing North. When I realized it, the first thing I thought was a chess set. There are also clumps of graves together that face one direction, and about 20 feet from them is another set of graves facing a completely different direction. I don't see any sign of a fence, like a family plot might have. It is like there is no organization to it at all. The family just walked in and picked a spot and that is where they put their loved one. I sense an interesting tale here and can't wait to hit the library to find out more. If you know anything about it please let me know.


Autumnforest said...

Was that a real ski slope or just a hillside? I have visions of someone running over the headstones going 40 mph. Hee hee. In the olden days (I'd say early 1900s and before) people liked to have their graves facing east. Later, people didn't consider direction so much. In fact, a lot of newer graves were chosen by a person standing on the site and choosing which direction they want to face. If you ever seen a footstone as well as a headstone--that's an old grave. Footstones were used long ago and formed a "bed" for the deceased. Here in the west, I've found something I think is weird and disturbing. They often create metal cribs for around children's graves and people leave toys inside of them. Now, that's creepy! Keep up your love of cemeteries. Oh, you might want to read my post today on haunted cemeteries. I'm thrilled to find another cemetery lover.

Kimberly said...

Around here, everyone refers to a section of Rt 45 as the Ski Slope because it is a huge hill that runs up one side and down the other. We have a couple of cemteries that have footstones: Bowmans and Township Line Cemeteries to name two. I have also seen the metal cribs, though both have been unmarked graves, with only the cribs around them. My favorites are the table tops and tree stones. And I agree. It is nice to know I am not the only one who loves cemeteries. If you know how to read them you can learn a lot.

erinoult said...

I might be able to find out more about it if I knew the exact road it's on. SR45? SR 558? old 558?

Bruce Miller said...

Could you be talking about Hart Cemetery?

or, see Volume 12 of Cemetery Inscriptions by the Columbiana County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society

Kimberly said...

Great web site Bruce! Thank you for the cemetery book number also. erinoult, it is right on Rt 45. It is Hart Cemetery. You guys are the best!