Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The Spread Eagle Tavern, so named for the stone carving of the eagle on the front of the building, has been in operation since 1837. If you have never been there, this place is worth a visit just for the atmosphere alone. Besides the fact that stepping in this Tavern sends you back over 100 years, it also has a ghost. Olivinia was the sister of the first owner of the Spread Eagle. She had dreams of being a stage actress. She left for New York City and did her best to become an actress, but to no avail. Who knows what she might have gotten into in the big city. By the time she returned to little Hanoverton, she was quite insane. Her brother kept her in what is now the Thomas Jefferson Suite.
The third floor, upper left widow is where she spent her final days. One morning, despite repeated knocks, Olivinia did not answer the door, so when they got the door opened, they discovered she had tied her bed sheets together and wrapped them around her neck. She then tied the other end to her bed and jumped out her window effectively hanging herself. To this day, both guests and employees will tell you that Olivinia still roams the halls of the Spread Eagle Tavern. She even tries to open some of the other room doors, rattling the door knob loudly. It isn't so bad when the Tavern rooms are full, but in the dead of winter, when there may only be one guest, Olivinia has scared people out in the middle of the night. I would love to see TAPS come to this out of the way little town and see if they could find Olivinia. And investigate the Doctors House, too, right across the street.
If you are looking for something to do on Halloween night, head to Hanoverton to the Spread Eagle Tavern. There you can pay $5 a person and go on a ghost walk along the streets of Hanoverton, hearing all about Olivinia, The Autopsy Doctor, the Fireman's wife, the ghost of the little boy, the blood stained floor, and tour a cemetery haunted by a witch. Definitely Halloween fair to be sure. Happy Hauntings!

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