Monday, October 26, 2009

A Pic Sent In By Jeff From The Spread Eagle Ghost Walk.

This is Jeff, his wife, Linda, and Peggy. They were at the ghost walk for Spread Eagle Tavern on Saturday night. I first met Peggy at a ghost walk at Thompson Park about a month ago and Jeff and Linda at the Oct 17 ghost walk at Gretchen's. They endured the very chilly evening to hear some ghost stories and tour the little town of Hanoverton along with several others from the East Liverpool area.(an upcoming story)

This is a picture that Jeff took at one of the stops we made in the tour. There was once a house here that was owned by a local fireman and his wife. There was a festival going on in the area one day and the fireman wanted to go, but his wife didn't. She told him if he went she would set her house on fire and he would miss the event anyway. They had a terrible argument about it and he ended up going, not believing her. It is not for certain whether she actually meant to do it, but while she was adding wood to her stove, she did, in fact, catch her home on fire. She ran to the bell in town and rang for the firemen to come home, but no one believed her. The house burned to the ground. It is believed in town that her spirit haunts this now lovely yard that is framed by this great wrought iron fence from an old Methodist Cemetery. It just adds charm to the street.

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