Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Sturgis House Tour Oct 24

October 22 marked 75 years since Mr. Floyd was killed (1934). While my team and I did our own investigation on the 22nd, Sturgis Funeral Home had a tour of their establishment that included the morgue area, autopsy tools, and numerous memorabilia of Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd.

These pics were taken by Dave McElroy. He and his wife, Mary Ann went on the tour and even got the free fan with Mr. Floyd's picture on it.

Sturgis Bed and Breakfast, as it is called now, did a beautiful job recreating the area as it was in 1934. It is estimated that just as many people toured it today as they did in 1934 to view Mr. Floyd's body.

It was a wait to get in, but Dave says it was worth it. I agree.

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