Monday, November 23, 2009

Moundsville Update Part 2

The plot thickens in the Moundsville Prison Tour adventure. It would seem there is Night Tours of the institution, which is what I described, and then Ghost Hunts, which is more like what I thought it was, except the price. Hmm. So, if we want to have from 8pm to 6am to hunt ghosts, it is $60 a person. It does include the 90 minute tour, but that still gives several hours to look for ghosts in every nook and cranny. You also get pizza and drinks. The night tour is from 12am to 6am and costs $600 for up to 20 people. No refreshments unless you bring your own and you only get about 4 hours to poke around a little. I am so glad I started planning this now. I honestly didn't know they had the different packages. We will be doing one of the two of these. Here is a better description:

Package A: A Night Tour that costs $600 for up to 20 people. This breaks down to $30 per person. It starts at 12am and ends at 6am. After a 90 minute tour, you have the rest of the night to explore the prison. You have to bring your own food and drink.

Package B: A Ghost Hunt that costs a flat rate of $60 per person. You check in at 8pm, and stay until 6am. This includes Pizza and drinks. There is also a 90 minute tour but then you have the rest of the night to check the place out.

I need to know every one's interest by January because that is when you can start booking your time. If we want a good time, that is when I am doing it. I am going for May or June. Email me!
Oh, and whoever Anonymous is, once again, THANK YOU!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Moundsville Update

I have been trying to get all the details for the Moundsville Night Tours and to my horror they have changed it. It was $500 for a night from 11pm to 5am. Now it is $600 for up to 20 people only from midnight to 6am. 90 minutes of that time is a tour of the place first. So for $600 you get 4 1/2 hours to investigate. And with a limit of 20 people, the cost will be $30 per person. Also, they used to provide pizza and drinks, but you now have to bring your own food and drinks. I included the web site with all of this information. If you are still interested, let me know. I am wondering however if 4 1/2 hours is worth $6oo. Give me your thoughts.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mans Best Friend

I do not know what happens when we die. No one really knows. The same goes for when our beloved pets leave us. I have lost some great friends over the years in the form of Dogs. In my opinion, there is no better friend in the world than a dog.
I have heard stories of people who lost their pets and see them a week later, perhaps out of the corner of their eye, or hear them padding down the hallway, or just feel their precious presence around them. Back in May, I think it was, Dave was at Riverview Cemetery taking pictures and happened to get this one. If you look at the orb hovering near the grave stones in the middle, you might notice the face of a dog in it. A happy, panting dog that perhaps is either looking for his loved one or maybe found him and watches over him. I love this picture for that reason. It is reassuring to me to know that perhaps, somewhere out there is the loved and missed spirit of one of my dearest friends that I can't see any more. Maybe when I pass on they will be waiting for me. This picture gives me hope.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Work Has Started On Jordanville Cemetery

We went to Jordanville Cemetery on Sunday because we had heard that they were working on it. This is what greeted us. This hill is something to climb, let me tell you!
Right away I noticed some missing trees and roads that weren't there before.

The grave stones are still piled up around the trees, though some of the trees they are piled around are cut down now.

They found several other grave stones up in the woods that no one knew about. I wish they were a little more respectful toward them though. I can't imagine how they are going to put it all back together. I am sure they know what they are doing but it seems like a huge task.

Here is the little bulldozer they have up there, dragging down trees from the woods that they cut down. It still seems so lonely up there.

Some of the stones are in amazing shape for being 200 years old. I am happy that they are fixing this historic old cemetery. Now, if I could just get them to look at the little German Cemetery right there in Lisbon on Chestnut Street.......

Puzzle Pieces of Jordanville Cemetery

Jordan Cemetery is about 200 years old. It sits on a hill overlooking Lisbon, Ohio from across the creek. It sat for many years is complete loss. As you can see, many of the cemetery stones are piled up around several trees, several layers thick.
As the renovations continue in an effort to recover this little cemetery, they are finding it isn't so little. This large table tomb or possibly chest tomb was recently discovered. Over half of it is broken beyond repair. It is in hundreds of pieces. The damage was done long ago, as the moss growing on whats left of it proves. But hidden in the underbrush for so many years, no one knew.

The grave site of John Watson is still piled high with other grave stones around it. He died in 1815 and the stone is as easy to read as when it was put there, nearly 200 years ago. Where are they all buried? Is there a record that still exists to say?

Worst of all, many of these stone are broken as well. This stone says "she was a wife, a mother, and a friend and a professer of religion" Who was she? The name is long gone. Perhaps the other pieces of this stone will be found piled around a tree.

Beautifully carved stones are also scattered about. A puzzle building master will have to be employed to put this little cemetery together properly.

The question is, do they plan on doing that? Are they going to keep the historical integrity of this little cemetery and at least try to fit some of the pieces together? It will be a challenge, to be sure.

This is a piece of a foot stone that might not be too hard to match up with the headstone if no one else has these initials.

I hope we get to see what they might have looked like all together. They lasted this long, this one being 201 years old.

If you click on this picture you will find the remnants of a poem. Where is the rest of it? I truly hope that we get to find out.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Plans for next year

I am working on things we want to do next year. One of them is to go to Moundsville Prison for the night. It is $500 for your group from about 11pm to 6 am. If we can get at least 25 people to go, that is $25 a person. Very doable. This place is more than large enough to accommodate 25 of us hunting ghosts all night. Let me know if you are interested. I will say early summer for this event, though nothing is in stone yet. I will point out that 5o people going would only be $10 per person and the place is still plenty big enough! Email me!

Cheri Sent In Some Pics From Kings Creek Cemetery

This is a picture I took at Gretchen's Lock of Jake's Lock in 2007. There is a big splash of purple on the right side that is caused by the sunny day and the glare from the snow. The sun can cause a lot of anomalies in your pics.
This is Bowman's in early 2008. Here you see a wide spectrum of color. Makes for a beautiful picture.

These two pics were sent in by Cheri. She knows the green orb in the right is from the sun. What she questions is the purple spot in the center. (click on the pics to make them larger to see better.)Is this also generated by the sun? She changes her position slightly so the spot seems to move, but I don't think so. Is this a sun spot? My interest is peaked and we plan to go out there for an investigation soon. Hopefully Cheri can go with us and we can track down the reason for the purple spot.
Thank you Cheri for sending in the pictures. Cheri is also Dave's daughter. She went with us to the Fairview School Investigation. She is very interested in the paranormal and has taken some great pics. I look forward to working with her more in the future.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Glendon Floyd Passed Away

Eleven days after Glendon Floyd graced us with family stories and his charming ways, he sadly died in his hometown of Sallisaw, Oklahoma on November 5. He was 84 years old. If you had gotten a chance to meet this man, you will not be surprised to learn he died while digging up a tree.

These are just a few of the pics Dave took while on the tour of Sturgis House in East Liverpool. Another friend of mine, Becky, said he was very charming and a real ladies man. Mr. Floyd spent the entire day Oct 24 signing autographs, getting his picture taken, and telling stories of his famous Uncle Charles. Since he retired, it had become his passion to learn as much information as he could about Pretty Boy Floyd and he had no problem telling people about the things he discovered. Good bye Mr. Glendon Floyd. It was a true pleasure to meet you!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


One of the most interesting cemeteries in Columbiana County is the Lisbon Cemetery. There are so many stories told by the stones there. If you have any
knowledge of Lisbon's history, you would recognize several of the
names inscribed along the rows.

There are signs that indicate the

presence of the Masons. The grave site of George McCook, father of the Fighting McCooks (Dan and John) is located where the table top grave stones are in the picture above.

I went for only an hour and ended up staying nearly three. The cemetery is large, but I spent my time mainly in Section 2, the oldest part.

Many of the stones are so weathered you can't read the names inscribed on them.

And there is this beautiful old willow tree that looks like exactly the kind of tree you would find in a spooky old grave yard. I loved it.

There were a lot of broken stones. This part of the cemetery was a little creepy. By the time I reached this part I was sad and kept getting the strong feeling to leave. Mike and I did in fact leave for a while to other parts, looking for Euastice Eells. Didn't find it. That is for another investigation. If cemeteries are some place you enjoy to take a walk through, then Lisbon Cemetery is one you will want to visit.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Gretchen's Lock And The Old House

I have been loading my new computer with pics from my old computer. I discovered I have a lot pictures. I feel lucky to have so many of the old house at Gretchen's. I miss it. It added extra mystery to the area. The center window on the second floor was covered with plywood, but the face of a boy would sometimes appear in a pic, like the one above.

There was an old well right beside the front porch that was covered with a big rock. I stuck my camera in one day and took the well picture. When they tore down the house, a lot of it was put in the well and covered up, forever.

The hole in the window and side of the house has a lot of rumors to it about how it happened. Vandals are my guess, but some one also said the park service put the hole in the side of the building to see how strong it was.(though that sounds like a really stupid thing to do so I doubt it). It was one of the deciding factors of whether to restore it or not. One look inside the hole and you noticed the floor collapsed. Bummer. I would like to have gone in once.

The only thing remaining of it is that big slab of cement. It was part of the cooling system they had in the basement. Or so I am told. They apparently used running water through the basement to keep things cool. Another story I heard concerned a former owner in years gone by that used to catch fish in the creek and sell it on the big porch that once graced the house.
Either way, the house is greatly missed by any one who had the chance to experience it's awesome presence in the park. We can only guess what secrets were taken with it.

Monday, November 9, 2009

October Was The Best Month, But...

I am glad it is over. I am all about research and discovery. The tours are fun, but the best part for me is finding out about all of it to begin with. Thank you to The Morning Journal and The East Liverpool Review for running the stories about Ghosting 12 Paranormal. We had the Lisbon Ghost Walk to benefit Columbiana County Families Of Homicide Victims on Sept 27. 100% of the proceeds went to this organization to help them get their non profit status. With out those articles, we would not have gotten the opportunities that have opened up for us. If you haven't seen the articles, they are listed on our new web site:

Our new opportunities include another school to investigate in our future, at least three new areas to tour, an out of state adventure by invitation, and 9 private investigations. If you are interested in an investigation in your area or a possible tour of your hometown, please let me know. Especially if it is in Columbiana County!
P.S. If you haven't noticed, our shirts say Ghost 12 Paranormal. It was a printing error, but I think that everything happens for a reason, so we left our first shirt this way. We have been blessed in more ways than one because of this. Future shirts will say Ghosting 12, but that is the future.

Jackman Cemetery of Fredericktown Christian Baptist Church

One of the older cemeteries in the area is the Jackman Cemetery, off of Rt 170 going toward Fredericktown. As I search for the history of Fredericktown, I stumbled across the story of this little graveyard and thought it interesting. It is only a little larger than Bowman's, though not as eerie.
This group of head stones are the oldest, easily found by the presence of foot stones. Set up like a bed almost, the head stone is where the head is and the foot stone is where the feet are. It was done for only a short period of time, in general around the mid 1800's. All four of these stones have one and look like something out of an old movie. The stone I was looking for was that of Joseph Stockdale, who died in 1847. He was the first person buried on this property.

It turned out to be the third one over. He died on March 17, 1847. The property was not bought until July 15, 1847 by John Jackman and two other trustees of the Fredericktown Christian Baptist Church. They paid only $25 for one acre of ground for the use of the cemetery. It is said that the first person buried in a graveyard is charged with watching over it. All was quiet and peaceful in this little cemetery, though there are questions that I ponder after my visit there. That is another story though because I have to research it first.

The cemetery was later named Jackman Cemetery after John Jackman, the founder of the Fredericktown church who was also the pastor for over 35 years. He died in 1866. His stone lies face up on the ground, slowly being covered by dirt.

There are fence posts that line the area, though there is no longer an actual fence any more. The stones are not organized in any sort of fashion. Some face one way while the very next row faces the opposite direction. There are very old stones and then some newer ones, too. As you can see by the picture on the right, it is overgrown in places, and some stones stand a lonely vigil in the woods.

There are also home made stones there like these two, made from what appear to be regular stones found by the family members and the names of their loved ones carved carefully into them.

It is these stones that I find the most interesting in this little graveyard. And it is not doubt these stones that will be here 100 years from now still telling the world who lies beneath them.