Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Forever Carved In Stone

Down beside Culbertson's Mill in Fredericktown, are some very large rocks along the creek. The rushing water has carved large holes all through them.

You will also find the names of people who have been here years ago. I do not know any stories to these names, though I would guess that most were done by men. Pam Green, Bert Wilson, J.J. Seldner, Bobbi, Henry, and H.C. Shaffer were here. When, I do not know. Did they know each other? Was Miss Green there in 1940 and Mr. Shaffer came this way in 1920? Couldn't tell ya. Did they live in town? Did they vacation here? I just don't know.

But you will find their names etched in stone, either by their own hand, or the hand of someone who loved them. If you know any of these people and their story, please send it along. Their names must have a story some where.

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