Monday, November 9, 2009

October Was The Best Month, But...

I am glad it is over. I am all about research and discovery. The tours are fun, but the best part for me is finding out about all of it to begin with. Thank you to The Morning Journal and The East Liverpool Review for running the stories about Ghosting 12 Paranormal. We had the Lisbon Ghost Walk to benefit Columbiana County Families Of Homicide Victims on Sept 27. 100% of the proceeds went to this organization to help them get their non profit status. With out those articles, we would not have gotten the opportunities that have opened up for us. If you haven't seen the articles, they are listed on our new web site:

Our new opportunities include another school to investigate in our future, at least three new areas to tour, an out of state adventure by invitation, and 9 private investigations. If you are interested in an investigation in your area or a possible tour of your hometown, please let me know. Especially if it is in Columbiana County!
P.S. If you haven't noticed, our shirts say Ghost 12 Paranormal. It was a printing error, but I think that everything happens for a reason, so we left our first shirt this way. We have been blessed in more ways than one because of this. Future shirts will say Ghosting 12, but that is the future.

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Autumnforest said...

That is fantastic! Our local groups does a lot of benefit things, especially for our cemetery association for upkeep of the cemeteries. Sometimes, when we have workshops, I like people to bring trash bags and clean up the cemetery while we're there. Good intentions and good manners actually pay off in investigations which I call karma.