Saturday, January 3, 2009

Longs Run Church Cemetery

This is Longs Run Church Cemetery. Old and charming, the graves cover the hillside. I went there last night to continue trying to find out why there isn't much activity there. I was pleasantly surprised, as ghost hunting goes.
To my left is the only above ground burial chamber left. There is evidence that there was at least one other like it, but it is long gone. I can remember my dad telling me stories about this particular burial chamber. He used to work for a lawn mowing company and they mowed the cemetery grounds. The lid was not on securely and the side was cracked wide open. He said you could see the bones inside. That is not something I ever wanted to see, but it always made this particular grave yard a little more creepy. When I finally did check it out, the top and side was repaired, and its occupant can rest in peace. There is an inscription on the top, but it is so weathered you can't make it out.
This cemetery does not give much up in the way of pics or EVP's. In fact, I have never gotten an EVP there. And as for pics, even orbs are very rare. For all the pics we took last night, there were very few orbs anywhere. I had my long time ghost hunting team member, Kylie with me last night pictured above in front of the cool tree. She doesn't go much any more. She is 16 and has a boyfriend who is not into ghost hunting. Bummer.
However, what this particular cemetery lacks in those areas, it more than makes up for in personal experiences. Longs Run is good for hearing footsteps coming up behind you. And what orb pics I have gotten, were all below the church, on the hillside. Strange noises can be heard in almost any direction, especially after dark. Twigs breaking and snapping, and swooshing sounds, again like someone is coming up behind you, but when you look, no one is there. That is what happened to me last night. It is not the first time I have heard foot steps in that particular cemetery.
I can not say it is haunted, but it is scary enough to warrant more study. I would like to take my team there, when it gets warmer, and see what we come up with.
Should you decide to visit Longs Run Church Cemetery to make your own conclusions, or any other cemetery for that matter, here are a few tips to have a better adventure.
1. Visit the area in the day time first to become familiar with the area. You don't want to fall into any large holes anywhere or trip and get seriously injured.
2. Make sure you have permission to be on the grounds after dark. Often, as long as you let the grounds keeper know you will be there, they don't have a problem with it. You might also ask them if they know any stories about the grounds that might be interesting.
3. Be respectful. Don't damage anything. Some ones loved one rests there and you should always remember that.
4. Have respect for the things are choosing to encounter. You respect the ghosts that might be there and they will respect you, in theory of course.
One other thing about Longs Run. I find myself being very careful of where I walk there. When I discover I am walking across a grave I feel like someone is there, right beside me. I feel like I am crowding them in a way. And sometimes it seems like they are following me for a while. Gives me the shivers. Gets my attention. And, while I wonder why I go there, I also know I will be back.