Thursday, January 8, 2009

The manifestation of a ghost?

This was an adventure I went on in 2006. A fellow ghost enthusiast named Sandy asked me to come to her home because she thought she might have a ghost. She had moved into a home a few years before that was built by a man who later died in it of cancer. His name was Jerry. The room we are in above was rumored to be his favorite. The haunting she was experiencing was and still is for that matter a case in which the ghost wanted them to know he was there. Her husband Travis would see an old man out of the corner of his eye but when he would look full on there would be no one there. He never saw any definate features, but enough to say it was an old man. Sandy on the other hand had more interesting encounters.
There is a phenomenon in ghost hunting called borrowing. Lets say you walk in to your kitchen with an arm load of groceries and your car keys. You set the keys down on the kitchen table and turn to put your groceries away. When you return to get your keys, they are gone. You look all over, but they are not in the kitchen. Later in the day, you walk into your bedroom, and there they are, laying on top of your dresser. You had not been in there all day, so how did your keys get in there? It is theorized that the ghost takes your property and puts it somewhere else, effectively called borrowing. This happened to Sandy. Not only did the ghost take her keys often, but other things. One day she went to her fridge to get a V-8. She knew it was there earlier, but when she opened the door to the fridge, her V-8 was gone. Thinking some one drank it, she went around and asked everyone in the household but all said no. Angry that no one would admit it, she returned to the fridge to get a soda and there was her V-8 upside down in the fridge.
So, my husband and I went to her home. We had several EVP sessions. Pictured above is one of them, in Jerry's favorite room. My husband was taking the pictures while I handled the sound. In the pic on the left I had turned to adjust the curtain in the room. You can see something starting to form by my head. The eyes are already visible. In the picture on the right is the full blown manifestation of ? We did not witness this with the naked eye. It came out in the pictures.
Once they knew for sure that they had a ghost, the episodes stopped almost altogether. Little things have happened. For instance, Sandy's son was practicing the Pledge of Allegiance, using her digital recorder. You hear him say the Pledge, then his mom and dad praise him. Then you hear a single word-"NICE!" I believe that was Jerry putting his two cents in.
Believe what you want about these picks. Something was and is in that house. It is not mean. If it is Jerry, he just wanted them to know he was there. He isn't evil. He doesn't possess anyone. He just lingers in the house he built. Comments are appreciated.