Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some of what happened after Mr. Floyd was killed.

Charles Arthur Floyd. He was young. Handsome. Brave. Cunning. Enigmatic. And doomed to be a legend.

To the left is Mr. Floyd on the autopsy table. If you look closely you can see one of the bullet holes in his side. To the right is the autopsy report that came out a few days after his death.
Reminiscent of the days when a hanging was like going to the movies, Mr. Floyd's death attracted people to East Liverpool just to view his body, which was put on display (shown above laying covered with a blanket, surrounded by a a group of men). His autopsy and subsequent display occurred at the Sturgis Funeral Home, which is now a bed and breakfast in East Liverpool (also pictured above, the brown house with yellow trim). Another pic up there is of one of the crowds of people who came to see Mr. Floyd (more than 10,000).
The final pic up there is of a man holding what appears to be two .45 pistols taken from Mr. Floyd after he was dead. All of this occurred in October of 1934.
There are plans out there to reenact the demise of Mr. Floyd in October of 2009 to honor the 75th anniversary of his death. Whether you believe him to be an outlaw or a hero, coming to this event might well be an interesting and rewarding experience. As I hear more about it, so will you.