Monday, January 19, 2009


This is the first of many mysteries about East Liverpool I hope to uncover and share with any ghost hunting enthusiast out there. I think that East Liverpool is a great place to look for them in fact. Once known as the Pottery Capital of the World, dozens of potteries surrounded the city, though you wouldn't know it today. The above photo is of the Newell Bridge and the area surrounding it. Note there is no Route 11.

You can just make out the Newell Bridge in the background of this pic. This is the West End Pottery which was in business from 1893 to 1938. There is not an exact date for this pic, which I found on the East Liverpool Historical Society Website. It is estimated to be taken somewhere between 1906 and 1938. Route 11 runs right through there now. However that is not what got my attention about this picture. The caption under it also said that where the two trees are in the upper center is where Skeleton Park was. I had never heard of Skeleton Park, so I jumped on that. I also know that up there is where East Liverpool Hospital is today. I believe you can can guess what I am thinking. If not- East Liverpool Hospital was built over an old Cemetery?!!! Wow!

Not only should it be haunted because it is a hospital but also because it is built over a desecrated cemetery!! Here is a map of East Liverpool around 1877. Yep, there is a big cemetery right there. Newell Bridge wasn't built until 1904, so it isn't on this map.

And here is a picture of the very cemetery I am talking about. This picture is a true treasure for any ghost hunter to find. It was taken around 1898. As I find out more about Skeleton Park, I will pass it on to you. For example, was the cemetery moved? If so, to where? Was the hospital just built right on top of all those graves? How awful! If you are reading this and know anything about this cemetery, even rumors or legends, please email me or leave a comment. You will find my email address along the left side of my blogspot.
One more thing- I have been looking at a lot of Historical Society pages on the web, and East Liverpool has the best by far. It is very interesting and full of pictures to help you understand the history of this old and charming city called East Liverpool. Well worth a look.