Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yesterday and Today-The West End Pottery Company

I rode around for a while today trying to find a close location to where the West End Pottery Picture was taken. This is not exact, but close. So much has changed between then and now. The horizan looks about the same. Everything else is way different. You can see the East Liverpool hospital in todays picture, along with Route 11 running right through where West End Pottery used to be. The only sign that there ever was a pottery there are the Millstones beside the road along Route 7. All other traces are erased.
Do you know any haunting stories or legends about this area? Please email me or leave a comment. I am also looking for any other ghost stories about East Liverpool that anyone knows. Anything I can investigate and add to my list of haunted places in Columbiana County.
For more information on the West End Pottery and other history from East Liverpool please visit the East Liverpool Historical Society Web Site>