Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Crooks Building-The House That Makes It Right!

Every building in East Liverpool has a history. This one is no
exception. Known for sayings like "If it's not found right, we'll make it right!" and "We want your name on our books. You're welcome at Crooks." They sold
things like furniture made from Mahogany, Golden Oak and
curley biren. Some furniture sold included things like dressers and chiffoneirs, stoves, and ranges. They also sold carpeting, which they apparently made there, boasting of adding an electric Singer machine for sewing brussels, Axminster and Wilton carpets. I am not sure exactly when the black and white pic was taken. I am guessing around 1900 or so. (give or take 20 years. I am not a historical expert on East Liverpool, yet.)

Now, the reason this building finds its way onto my blog is the story I heard about it a couple of years ago. Remember that camping trip I had with the 25 teenagers? Well, it was during that adventure that I was told about the Crooks building. The story I heard went something like this:
The owner of the Crooks Furniture Store was a very happy wealthy man. He was married and had two children. One day, he came home to find his wife had left him, taking his chidren with her. He had no idea where they went and he was devistated. In his grief, he hung himself on the fourth floor of the building. Now supposedly, years later, there was an effort to remove all the old furniture that remained in the building. However, when they would try to empty the building of all of its furniture, more furniture would unexplainably take its place. To this day, there is furniture in the building even though it has supposedly been removed entirely several times.
That is the story I have heard. What have you heard about the Crooks Building? Email me or leave a comment. As to the pics above: the three in the daylight are from last summer when I was downtown, just taking some pics of the area. The night time pics are from the other night when Jon and I was investigating Skeleton Park. Any building looks a little scary at night. The Crooks building is no exception.