Tuesday, January 27, 2009

East Liverpool Ceramics Theatre-Just Another Parking Lot

Can you believe East Liverpool had such a beautiful building in it as the Ceramic Theatre? How I wish it was still here today. The architecture alone is dazzling.
It opened on Nov. 21, 1904 somewhere on 4th street. It boasted 2 balconies, plush interior, and was the second largest stage in Ohio, bested only by the Grand Theatre in Cincinnati. It seated 2000. In later years it was converted into a movie theatre. It's death came in 1961 when it was razed to make a 40 space parking lot. I thought, when I wondered why it was no longer here, that maybe there was a horrible fire that stole this beautiful building from us. I was severely let down to discover it was just torn down for a parking lot. A parking lot. Imagine how great it would have been to have such a building today. People would probably have paid just to get in to see it. And of course, it would have been haunted. Schools, theatres, and hospitals are some of the most haunted places out there. Why? They are full of human emotion. I thought about getting a picture of the 40 space parking lot that took its place, but why bother? Every one has seen a parking lot. Maybe just to remember how important it is to guard our history.
They are tearing down a lot of the old buildings in East Liverpool to make way for parking lots for Kent State. Also for the Christian Academy. Be careful that you don't take away too much of our history in the process of progress. Look at Calcutta. They tore down all the old buildings that were part of her beginning. I can remember a one room school house that used to sit above the Calcutta Elementary school when I was a kid. Long gone. The old Calcutta hotel and other buildings that stood over by Sprucevale Road. Long gone. There is one house left over by the new memorial park that comes from Calcutta's beginning. It is the old gray one across the street. That, however is all that remains of Calcutta's history. Sad.
So, take a look at the pics above. Take a look at what we once had. Let's try harder to guard what we have left before it all becomes just another parking lot.