Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Triple murder sites within a block of each other.

Every city has dark times in its history. East Liverpool is no exception. Take the above building for instance. It is currently owned by Pioneer Pottery
but at one time it was owned by a man named Earl Tweed. This
building was once The National Furniture Store.    On
July 30, 1973, that would change forever. Somewhere between 12:25 and 12:55 pm Mr. Earl Tweed was murdered in his store. What made it even more horrific was when Linda Morris and her little four year old daughter, Angela walked in to Mr. Tweeds store to ask about an apartment he had for rent, interrupting the murder. Whoever killed Mr. Tweed
then killed Linda and Angela. To this day these murders are unsolved.

Just up the street and to the left is the sight of another triple murder that would occur 6 years later

I am standing beside Italo's Pizza. The road going up the hill is where you need to turn.

If you look up the hill, you will see that big brown house in the middle.

That is not the site of the murder. This empty lot is. It sits right beside that big brown house. Here, a woman named Debbie Taylor lived with three children. Jesse was 6, Billie Jo was 4, and a six month old baby.  On June 25, 1979, this little family was beaten to death. The sole survivor was the infant [perhaps because he was too young to identify the killer.)  This cast is solved.  The murderer was Robert Wooten, who is now serving three life sentences for their murders

there is a mystery to this case. It would seem that just four day before Debbie was murdered,

the same man who murdered her was also the last one seen with
a young lady named Louise Davis. She disappeared on June 21,
1979. Robert Wooten, or Wooty, as he was known, picked Louise
up at her home in East End and she was never seen again. To this
day she has never contacted anyone in her family, nor has her

body ever been found.

Eerily you can see the Tweed/Morris murder site from where the Tayor house once stood . Two triple murders within site of each other, and just six years apart. One unsolved. One with unsolved loose ends.