Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Once The Smith Auto Parts Store

This building was once The Potters National Bank. It is Smith Auto Parts Store right now. Soon, it will be torn down. Bummer.

It is a beautiful building. I took several pics yesterday of it.

It has such a presence about it. There is just something about it that is just drawing me to it. I hate that it is going to be torn down. I think it should be saved. I would love to see it become a
museum or something. I was in the basement and saw the vault
that once belonged to the bank that was housed there. I asked the
owner if the building might be haunted, and he said no. I also wanted to go in the main building, but he said no again. Bummer.

The design is beautiful. This almost reminds me of the Amityville horror house.

Here you can see the PNB above the doorway. Built in 1889, the letters still remain as proof of it's once stately occupation. Depressing that is has come to this. I am looking for any stories or history about this building. If you have any info, please let me know.

This building was torn down in January of 2011 and is now a park. A very haunted little park...