Thursday, February 12, 2009

A walk on and above Pennsylvania Avenue in East Liverpool.

My son, Jon, just bought a car on Tuesday. We went with him so he could drive it home. While we waited for him to take it for a test drive, I feasted my eyes on the view. Then I started taking pictures and let my imagination wonder. Who would have thought that some of these sights could be found right here in our own town. The top of the church where the beautiful white cross is looks like a scene from another country.
I loved being able to see the whole of Chester from where I was standing. At the very top, you can even see the Randolph Jennings bridge. We just stood and took in the sights.
I also saw several houses that I would love to know the history of. The beautiful green one above is captivatingly alluring. Are there ghosts inside? I would love to find out. Another house that caught my attention was that big gold one with the black trim. Clearly, they are devoted fans of the Pittsburg Steelers and their devotion should be recognized! I mean come on- they painted their house black and gold! And they have a banner right on the front that says "Steeler Country!" That is devotion at it's best.
Also, along Pennsylvania Avenue are the remnants of what must have been magnificent homes. The pics of the steps leading up to them are just echos of what they once were. They remind me of the abandoned Aztec cities in South America. I walked up to the top only to discover what I thought was another victim of the Parking Lot club. But on closer inspection, the trees that you see at the tops of the picture, are burned on the other side pretty badly. There was a huge fire up there and something I definetly want to find out more about.
The last picture up there is of a wrought iron fence. I am not an expert but it sure looks original to me. Again, I thought it was beautiful and speaks of the long history of East Liverpool. I plan on spending my summer working on what I hope is a haunted history in East Liverpool. So far, things are looking good. If you ever want something to do, walk up Pennsylvania Avenue and just feast your eyes on the view. It is well worth your time.