Saturday, February 14, 2009

Boy Scouts Camp McKinnley is a fascinating place for any history buff.

Welcom to Camp McKinley(sign pictured above). It is located near Lisbon, Ohio on Furnace Road. The 200 acre camp has been owned and operated by the Boy Scouts of America since 1934.
The history of the area began back in 1807. Gideon Hughes, a local business man, built a blast furnace in "New Lisbon" to supply the needs of the settlers heading West. The remains of the Rebecca Furnace are still visible on the camp property(and pictured above). Mr. Hughes also built a stone "mansion" across from his furnace. The house, known as the McKinley homestead, was the home of President William McKinley's grandparents for a number of years. The Stone House(also pictured above) is now the residence of the Camp Ranger.
And while the last picture up there with Mike in it looks like we are at Gretchen's, we are just a few hundred feet up from Camp Mckinley. Yep, I said up. I have no idea why this lock is there. The little stream running beside it could not possibly have had any barges on it, inless there was this terrible earth upheavel at some point in the 1800's that isn't in the history books. As you can see from the pic, this lock is huge. It just does not match it's surroundings. Any one with any info on this lock, please share it.
I was out looking for the Jordanville Cemetery somewhere near Lisbon, but got lost and ended up over here at Camp McKinley. That turned out okay because this place is full of history. But my question is: Are there any ghosts at Camp McKinley? If you have any stories, please let me know.
Oh, and if you know where Jordanville Cemetery is, please pass that info on too. I hate getting lost.